Updates and news Monday Dec. 29 2008 Israel Hamas and more

Here is a great collection of news from Palestinian media detailing who did most of the killing of Gazanians as well as views and attitudes.

These Muslims you might think work for Ottawa City Council they ban so much stuff for such astonishingly stupid reasons on the surface but with much more sinister reasons underneath, again like Ottawa city council. Indian Muslims can dye their hair any color but black? No Jeans for anyone?

Jerusalem post on targeting of university in Gaza which teaches explosives. I mean if they just focused a bit less on rocketry and explosives and a bit more on plumbing think how much better life in Gaza might be. Yes they wouldn’t be able to blow up as many jews and Israeli schools with explosive missiles but they would have running water and flush toilets.

IAF aircraft bombed the Islamic University and government compound in Gaza City early Monday morning, both centers of Hamas power. Witnesses saw fire and smoke at the university, counting six separate air strikes there just after midnight. Two laboratories in the university, which served as research and development centers for Hamas’s military wing, were targeted. The development of explosives was done under the auspices of university professors. University buildings were also used for meetings of senior Hamas officials. The IDF said rockets and explosives were stored in the buildings.

An article on Girl on the right suggested that all jews where likely going to be targets as retaliation for the Israeli retaliation for rocket attacks from Gaza. Here a Saudi cleric starts the ball rolling. Not hard to see what he means by links to Israel.

Lastly, here is a good article explaining why there is so much clear and even absurd bias in the media against anything Israeli. Seems it’s both the carrot AND the stick.

Thanks to The Religion of peace and Gay and Right

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