Article for the new year from girlontheright

Here is a nice little essay by James Cohen on Girl on the right .com Civil disobedience as it should be done.

……Once we agree to not say or do anything that might offend Muslims we are in fact living as second class citizens or ‘Dhimmis’ under a form of proxy sharia law. In this spirit I ask you for your defiance. The T shirts available here are a great statement. but not the only one possible. The distinction between deliberate offense of a religion for its own sake such as the ‘art’ piece which was proudly displayed at the National Gallery of Canada, ‘The Piss Christ’ which was merely a Catholic crucifix in a jar of urine was celebrated by the art world. The art world needs to know that under Islam art is forbidden altogether short of a few decorative lines on clay pots…..

Go to girl on the right for the whole article

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