Toronto Star: Mosque slurs jews and infidels while demanding special rights for itself

Mosque fights for rights, but slurs Jews and West

Khalid Mosque supports a complaint by eight women, including two above, who say they lost their jobs for refusing to raise their skirts above knee.

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A mosque asking that Canadian workplaces respect a strict Muslim dress code is at the same time disseminating slurs against Jews and Western societies, and warning members against social integration.

The Khalid Bin Al-Walid Mosque near Kipling Ave. and Rexdale Blvd. serves as the religious authority for eight Somali women complaining to the Canadian Human Rights Commission that UPS Canada Ltd. violated their religious rights at a sorting plant. The mosque, founded in 1990 and serving upwards of 10,000 people, preaches strict adherence to sharia, or Islamic law, and no compromise with the West.

Teachings on the mosque’s website,, refer to non-Muslim Westerners as “wicked,” “corrupt” and “our clear enemies.”

Sometimes Jews are singled out.

“Is it permissible for women to wear high-heeled shoes?” begins one posting in question-and-answer format. “That is not permissible,” comes the reply. “It involves resembling the Disbelieving Women or the wicked women. It has its origin among the Jewish women.”

Modern pastimes are condemned.

“What is the ruling on subscribing to sports channels?” another question begins. “Watching some of the female spectators, when the camera focuses on them time after time” stirs “evil inclinations,” the lesson reads. “Some (players) may not even believe in Allaah.”

Mosque leaders refused repeated requests for an interview.

A disclaimer on the website says questions and answers do not necessarily reflect the mosque’s views. But the About Us page says: “All questions and answers on this site (are) prepared, approved and supervised by (the mosque’s imam) Bashir Yusuf Shiil.”

The mosque’s stand on the UPS case also appears contradictory.

In September, a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal heard two weeks of testimony from eight mosque members alleging “Islamophobia” at the company’s west Toronto plant. Three final days of testimony are scheduled for next week.

The eight women, who lost their jobs at UPS, say Islam dictates that they wear a full-length skirt for modesty. The courier company insists that any skirt be knee-length for safety, as workers climb ladders up to 6 metres high.

Under their skirt, the women wear full-length trousers but say they do not want the lower part showing in case the shape of the calf can be discerned.

The complaint originally centred on the company’s use of temporary workers and uneven enforcement of its safety rules.

But the key question remains: Is UPS insisting on shorter hems for safety or is it violating religious rights by denying the women permanent jobs unless they conform?

So far, no Khalid Bin Al-Walid Mosque representative has attended the sessions, but the women cited the mosque as their place of worship and religious authority, and tabled a letter from its administration. “This is to certify that the religion of Islam requires all Muslim women to cover her entire body inclusive of the legs, arms, head, ears and neck,” the letter reads. “As such, (the women) would not be able to wear pants as an outfit.”

On the other hand, the mosque’s website teachings forbid women to work outside the home in the first place. “It is known that when women go to work in the workplaces of men, this leads to mixing with men,” one such posting says.

“This is a very dangerous matter,” it reads. “It is in clear opposition to the texts of the Shariah that order the women to remain in their houses and to fulfill the type of work that is particular for her …

“We ask Allah to protect our land and the lands of all Muslims from the plots and machinations of their enemies.”

Two of the women making the complaint – Dales Yusuf, 46, and Nadifo Yusuf (no relation), 36 – said in an interview that they live in Canada now, and are free to pick and choose from Islamic law.

“We must work,” said Dales Yusuf. “I’m a single parent raising my kids.” Jacquie Chic, a lawyer with the Workers’ Action Centre representing the women at the hearings, said neither she nor her clients were aware of the mosque’s posted teachings. “I, the Workers’ Centre and these women are concerned enormously about any expression of anti-Semitism or any other form of racism,” she said.

Questions to the mosque about its teachings were met with evasiveness over three weeks.

Mosque chairman Osman Mohamed three times agreed to an interview and three times cancelled at last minute. Imam Shiil was said to be in Saudi Arabia and unreachable. Mosque administrator Abukar Mohamed confused matters further by appearing to agree with UPS, saying: “The Quran says women must be covered – it doesn’t give you the specific clothes. But I am not a religious authority.”


Further teachings found at, official website of Khalid Bin Al-Walid Mosque in western Toronto:

Islamic guidelines to women.

The enemies of Islam know the importance of Hijab and the value of remaining at home … They therefore vehemently attack Hijab … They hate Islam and us. They wish to see our demise and downfall.

What is the ruling regarding a head scarf (that fails to cover ears and neck)?

The head scarf is a compromise and there is no such thing in Islam!

Save the women.

Once (a Muslim woman) becomes introduced to the wickedness of Western ideology and concepts … (she) becomes fixated on trying to appear and act like her “role models” of corruption.

What is Islam’s position on female circumcision?

It is an honour for women but not obligatory.

Is it permitted for a Muslim woman to pierce her nose?

It serves no purpose, and causes pain and mutilation.

Excessive laughter.

This problem is widespread, especially among the youth.
Compiled by John Goddard

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5 Replies to “Toronto Star: Mosque slurs jews and infidels while demanding special rights for itself”

  1. Islam is a death cult. The fact that Islam has 1.3 billion Muslims and that it has lasted 1400 years only means it is a successful death cult. Islam’s success is not due to its appeal. Islam’s success is due to the power of fear created by Islam’s most devout believers. These most devout — believe they have a God given right to commit violence in the name of Islam.

    The majority of Muslims are not followers by choice. They are captives of a bizarre totalitarian system camouflaged to look like a religion. Any Muslim who tries to change, criticize or leave Islam risks death at the hands of the most “religious”.

    Yes, there may be 20, 30 or even as high as 40 percent of the Muslim population who go along with some parts of Islam. But the majority of Muslims are Muslim only because they have no choice. They are simply afraid of unseen devout religious thugs, and unwilling to buck the system.

  2. Mr. Smith
    I read your comment as well as your blog post and it was thought provoking. I think there is another element which is attractive. Islam allows its men to be exceptionally free to do violence and rape and so on with the blessings of the state and the ‘church’. For young males especially I can see the appeal Vs. an entirely emasculated western culture where we have even changed the school system to the point where its tailored to girls at the expense of boys in nearly every way. Where individuals no longer have the right or even feel they have the right to self defense of family selves or property. While Islam is a collective ideology of submission in opposition to western and especially American individualism, there is a great deal of personal power for the individual male in Islam to be recklessly and irrationally violent and sexually dominant so long as its towards non Muslims and for the furtherance of Islam overall. So there is the carrot as well as the stick. Your article is thought provoking and thank you for it.

  3. I might add, I can also see the appeal from the point of view of western women to Islamic men who are still masculine. While clearly this overall is 180 degrees against the best interests of women one is genetically programmed to want what one wants. Men want feminine women hence the tendency for many men to seek women from Chinese culture who tend to be more cooperative and western women often seek more masculine men from Islamic nations as they retain a sense of individual power which women find attractive. The West must allow its men to grow their gonads back among other policies if we hope to defeat this third Jihad against the west.

  4. Eeyore
    Thanks for your comments.

    If Western culture does not survive the Muslim jihad of the 21st century, you can be sure that emasculation of men will be one of the reasons. The biggest irony – women will be the biggest losers.

    If you are interested, I have a theory about Islam that goes like this. Islam as a society is locked in an endless loop. Here is how the loop goes. Islam teaches a small percentage of its’ young, most devout, believers it is OK to commit violence in the name of Islam. An extensive series of rules (sharia) dictate when this violence can be used. The rules also state, anyone trying to change the rules should be killed. Because there is a continuous teaching of new devout believers, there is always an unseen army of devout believers willing to kill anyone trying to break the endless loop system.

    You can read a much longer version of this at my blog.

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