School girls burned with acid: Islam’s answer to higher education

There is nothing more threatening to an Islamist than an educated woman. Yesterday a group of young teenaged school girls had acid sprayed in their faces by two men in the western outskirts of Khandahar City. It is no secret that adherents and proponents of fundamentalist Islam work diligently to deny girls education, with the exception of course, of an approved and monitored knowledge in the rules of obedience and subservience.

Islamic law has always held women as second class citizens with fatwas issued on a regular basis to ensure this subservient class remains intact. Sharia is an insurance policy on behalf of men that maintains male superiority resulting in ongoing discrimination and oppression of women; the basic tenets of misogynistic control, insecurity, fear, mass ignorance and a relentless adhesion to power.

Recently I came across an article from Kurdistan where the government legislature has revised it’s polygamy laws at the request of women’s rights groups concerned with the many resulting dysfunctional family patterns and the psychological abuse of mothers and children living in such marital arrangements. Although the abolishment of polygamy was not granted altogether, the new law states that a man may take only two wives, contrary to the past law which entitled him to three or four. Women’s groups realizing that their call for total abolishment was not successful, conceded that it was in fact a step forward and remain determined to pressure the government to do away with the practice of polygamy altogether. The comment section illustrates the resistance to change with many commentators, mainly men, charging “blasphemy!” and an infiltration of “the evils of western feminism!”.

Such indoctrinated and long term misogyny hidden behind the wall of Allah and his prophet produces societies where women are cloistered, shamed, demonized and ostracized as a villainous sub-group, unworthy of any recognition of individual potential, equality and dignity as unique human beings. Islamists in the West have imported this mass misogyny, pressing for Sharia and it’s accommodation using multicultural policies to undermine the quality of women’s lives. Azam Kamguian, editor of the Committee to Defend Women’s Right’s in the Middle East speaks clearly of the Islamist’s intention to import such oppression of girls and women to the West, under sharia speaking particularly of the Canadian context.

The tactic of terrorizing school girls is not new. Time and again we have seen the deliberate murders of teachers, heard of the tremendous risk some brave women take to educate girls underground, girl’s being allowed to burn to death in schools  ,pious clerics speaking on behalf of Muhammed deeming the education of girls and the knowledge of women as un-Islamic, school girls raped, chided, ridiculed and beheaded and the forced marriages of youngsters as young as eight forced into a life of wifery as a replacement for education and individual choice.

Misogynist Islam is simple: if girls and women were to attain opportunity and status equal to that of a man and knowledge of the wider world’s progress were to be taught and encompassed in Muslim nations, sharia would be forced into obscurity and shelved as the archaic, fraudulent and restrictive, political manifesto that it is. There is no misunderstanding or misinterpretation here. The Quaran is clear about its views on women, jews and infidels. In this case the baby has to go first, then we can throw out the bathwater.


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