A few related stories of note.

This first link is from Ezra levants blog. The current story on it illustrates among other things, the dangers of selective enforcement. Canada’s HRC’s act with total impunity from real jurisprudence. Worse, they use highly ‘agendized’ interpretations of rules to selectively act against those with whom the HRC personnel disagree with politically.

I cannot overstate the importance of this for free and democratic societies. Government agencies MUST adhere to principles of fairness in law. It is one of the main things which distinguish western civilization from tyrannies and tin pot dictatorships.

Here is a story from Malaysia showing how Iran applied pressure to prevent a Nobel Peace Prize winner from speaking at an event about human rights within Iran. The double standard may be evident to readers of this blog but is the danger it represents?

This link shows fabricated hate crimes by the Muslim community to achieve political power and silence critics of Islam’s systemic actual hate crimes against pretty much all non Muslims as Koran obliges followers to do.

So we see a pattern here in all these links I hope. These are not exceptions or isolated cases. These are merely a few easily discovered events from recent news. Its crucial that people begin to understand the tactics being used to undermine free democratic and yes, classically liberal societies. Miracles of history. May we please not be victims of the success of them by forgetting who and what we had to fight to achieve them.

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