A collection of worthy links. Oct 9 2008

In this article, an attempt is made to determine why so many Dutch people are permanently leaving Holland. I believe the correct questions where not asked. As the emmigration from the Netherlands is economically counter intuitive, the wealthy and educated are leaving, it’s a safe guess that Hollands ‘multi cultural’ policies are probably more to blame. Multi cultural of course means giving rights to some by taking them away from others. In this case the indigenous Dutch.

At least one US publisher has the stones to publish that book on Mohamed and Aisha his 6 year old wife ‘consummated’ when she was 9. No idea if the book is any good, chances are poor for that. But the fact that publishers have turned it down out of fear is unacceptable. The fear was real though as a British publisher who took on the book did have his home office firebombed.

More on the civil war in Denmark, Hells Angels Vs. immigrant gangs

Muslims grab and beat women in Sudan for wearing pants. Some grabbed from Church. Just in case any of you thought Islamic brutality and ethnic cleansing of non muslims in ‘dar al Islam’ are isolated incidents, this sort of thing is common as dirt.

Special thanks as always to The Religion of Peace and Gates of Vienna. Tireless workers against a cowed and directed media to let people know what is actually going on and who is doing it and why.

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