German Magazine sponsors Mohamed look alike contest!

As I agree with Fjordman, the best and arguably only solution to the non integration of Muslims in Europe is ridicule and free speech, this contest will or at least could do more to lower tensions of the advancing Sharia. The more Europeans who stand up for their own historical values and most importantly fight irrational religious authority the sooner the third Jihad, the one currently underway to force Europe and the world to Sharia law, can be put to a quiet and perhaps at least relativly bloodless death.

Its the submission to Islamic demands that makes this problem worse. Appeasement tends to exacerbate tyrants not placate. In that spirit I think the following story is truly a great thing. For any of you who find this to be horrifying from your multi cultural pulpits imagine this was Galileo holding a pope look alike contest and the first prize is a telescope and the second prize a three week course in celestial mechanics. Then I bet you would be right behind it.

From Spiegel… Thanks to TROP for finding it

German Satire Magazine Shocks with ‘Unbelievable Competition’

A Muhammad look-a-like competition is slated to take place during the Frankfurt Book Fair, and it has already offended and outraged people far beyond Germany. But Titanic, the monthly satirical magazine behind the inflamatory event, insists: “It will be a blast.”

Titanic, the German satire magazine, is never far from polemics, but its latest action takes its reputation for controversy to new heights: It is staging a Muhammad look-a-like competition — and has invited the Turkish President Abdullah Gül to take part.

A drawing submitted to "Titanic" as part of its Muhammad look-alike contest.


A drawing submitted to “Titanic” as part of its Muhammad look-alike contest.

Turkish newspapers were quick to react to the “unbelievable competition,” which is to be held parallel to the Frankfurt Book Fair, where Turkey will be the guest country this year. The popular Turkish daily Sabah drew parallels with the infamous Muhammad cartoons published in Denmark’s Jyllands-Posten newspaper in 2005, which sparked death threats and protests across the Muslim world, with some escalating into violence.

According to its Web site, however, Titanic is going ahead with its look-alike contest: “Come along to the most dangerous event of the Frankfurt Book Fair … It will be a blast,” it wrote. The competition, to be held on Oct. 18, is set to take place on a specially built stage at the state-funded Caricatura Museum in Frankfurt. Achim Frenz, head of the museum, said it was designed to test of the boundaries of “jokes and fun.” The museum’s Web site comments: “Of course it is a sin to represent the prophet. For this reason, we are trying to do something exceptional.”

Nine participants are expected to take part, including Osman Engin, a Turkish-German satirist, and Hans Zippert, a prominent columnist for the conservative daily Die Welt. During the competition there will be readings from the Koran and participants will be encouraged mimic the Muslim prophet. “Of course you can never create a picture of the prophet,” the magazine claims in a flyer advertising the event, “but you can try to emulate him.”

Titanic, the German equivalent of Britain’s Private Eye, has a track record of inflamatory stunts, including hoax bribery faxes sent in 2000 to delegates of the FIFA soccer world championship committee, urging them to support the German bid for the 2006 World Cup. In return for their votes, Titanic offered gifts of a cuckoo clock and Black Forest ham. Titanic also founded its own political party, Die Partei (the party), which lists the rebuilding of the Berlin Wall as one of its goals.

— jas, with wire reports

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