Video (German) on the demonstrations in Germany anti Islam and anti anti Islam

Below is the translation found from the excellent web site Gates of Vienna

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[0.00] The aim of these demonstrators in Cologne is clear — they want to stop the so-called “Anti-Islamisation Congress” in their town.
[0.09] The congress, a two-day meeting of right-wing populists and radicals, is being put on by the Pro-Köln organisation.
[0.18] The right-wing group will hold a demonstration on Saturday in the Cologne city centre to protest against islamisation and against plans to build a new mosque – their opponents want to prevent them protesting.
[0.29] Tram lines and roads leading to the demonstration area at Cologne’s “Heumarkt” (Haymarket) are blocked by sit-down protests. In the morning it results in some hefty clashes.
[0.44] There had already been clashes between the police and counter-demonstrators the night before.
[0.49] 10,000 people are expected to protest against the congress. The police have brought around 3,000 officers from the region to take care of security matters.
[1.00] The police spokesman says he is expecting an essentially peaceful demonstration.
[1.07] “We have absolutely nothing concrete to go on that it will be non-peaceful, however we are very well prepared in case individuals or individual groups use this as a stage for violence.”
[1.20] The police also criticized the congress-organisers.
[1.23] “We should also make it quite clear that Pro-Köln have been very sketchy with regard to the information they have given us; this was also the case yesterday as they really played a game of cat-and-mouse with us.”
[1.36] “The task of the police is naturally to defend legal, properly registered demonstrations, this is what we want to do but we are reliant on the information provided by the organisers.”
[1.46] The Cologne police banned the right-wingers’ anti-Islamisation demonstration because of violence between the right and left-wing demonstrators.

My comment:

With Russia clearly back into its old cold war games, it would surprise me not in the slightest if Putin was funding the counter demonstrations against the Stop Islam as they are using the classic leftist tactics of public transport disruptions and every typical tactic to disrupt freedom of speech and create problems for authorities and urban peoples.

Once again we see the classic marriage of irrational leftism and Islamists. Married in the sense that both wish to destroy the ‘corporate’ system of capitalism and freedom. Ironic in that once Islam is the dominant legal force in any area, the leftists with their often extremist views of what constitutes equality will be the first buried to the waist and stoned to death and all their writings literature and support of fringe groups with them.

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