Norwegian frigate for use against Somali Pirates

Now this is long overdue. Its only unfortunate they seem to need a UN mandate to do it. Will be interesting to see if the OIC (organisation of Islamic Conferences) in the U.N. Will allow this neccesary program to take place. Its worth mentioning that the actual reason for the dark ages was when brigands made trade impossible by taking over the Roman roads they could no longer protect.

Norwegian frigate to hunt pirates

The new frigate Fridtjof Nansen is likely to be used in the fight against pirates operating off the coast of Somalia.

The frigate Fridtjof Nansen has been chosen to hunt pirates in the Gulf of Aden next year.


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According to daily newspaper VG, the new super frigate could be in the Gulf of Aden east of the mouth of the Red Sea by next spring.

The task of the ship will be to help the international naval force protect civilian ships against attacks from pirates.

The head of Norway’s armed forces Sverre Diesen confirms that the first of the new frigates has bean allotted to this task.

A clear UN mandate and political approval at home will be need for the project to go ahead.

Five Norwegian frigates are being built in Spain by Nevanti Ship Yards. Including six helicopters, the price tag is NOK 21 Billion (USD 3.8 billion).

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