video about Undercover Mosque part II The Return

Here are some segments about the UK’s Channel 4’s new documentary, undercover mosque the return, where the various imam’s and Islamic preachers caught preaching hatred and murder scramble to hide their true intentions. If you have not seen undercover mosque part I here is the link to the whole show.

This is about the sequel and not the sequel itself. I expect to have the whole show of Undercover Mosque up here by end of day Sept 1 2008

In the second video the speaker attempts to confuse free speech with being able to say whatever you want and not be criticized for it. Also resorts to a long list of logical fallacies in order to obfuscate and or justify hate speech. I might add, even if the claims of the second speaker is true about what ‘Christians say about Islam’ they are correct. Mohamed was a terrorist and more, a pedophile who married a 6 year old and mated with her at nine. This is fact. In any case, Undercover Mosque part II The Return should stir some waves.

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