What I think of Islam and the founder of it, Mohamed

In an article in today’s National Post newspaper a spokesperson for a Canadian Muslim organization had this to say about the complaint that was filed against Ezra Levant and the Western Standard over publication of the Danish Cartoons which subsequently caused Muslims to riot and kill uninvolved people including a nun and burn down buildings all over the place…

“We weren’t shopping around for any laws. We thought this was a good way to bring our concerns to the attention of the public,” she said. “Obviously we didn’t want this to continue, so [another goal was] perhaps to discourage people from further maligning our prophet and our religion… We wanted this to have a deterrent effect.”

In other words, this Muslim group wanted to use Canadian law to enforce sharia law on Canadians. To tell us what we are and are not allowed to say think and publish about Islam.

So on that note I would like to do a little maligning of my own of Islam and its founder the prophet Mohamed, the pedophile who married a six year old, fucked a 9 year old, killed or arranged to have killed hundreds and hundreds of people in his life time who he never met and did him no harm and broke even the arbitrary laws and rules of convenience he made up when they weren’t convenient to him.

Islam has to be the most bloodthirsty religion this planet has seen. Muslims kill more people in a day than the KKK did in its entire existence. Just as a small example. Muslims when they are not killing the uninvolved, I use the term uninvolved instead of innocent as Muslims conveniently use the term innocent to mean Islamic so I want to avoid any confusion on that level, are busy trying to fundamentally change the nature of countries stupid enough or perhaps kind enough certainly naive and historically ignorant enough to let them come in and live.

Islam is a disgrace for any thinking person. It is a philosophy of hatred violence and brutality. It discriminates against women minorities and non Muslims. Against homosexuals and wait, did I say discriminate? Point of confusion again. I mean murders. Allows zero rights to, and seeks to destroy utterly. Not really the same as not giving a job to, or preferring not to deal with at some level, but murder.

The idea that a Muslim group would have the pure hubris to publicly state that they had intended to use the HRC as an example to Canadians not to malign the alleged prophet, founder of Islam Mohamed (Meca leca hi meca haino ho) or Islam is infuriating.

I have a suggestion for Muslims who wish not to be maligned or have their ‘religion’ maligned. Try the following.

1. stop killing everyone all over the place

2. stop blowing up stuff everywhere

3. Learn to treat others with the same respect you expect and maybe even better than Muslims treat each other

4. Try and contribute to societies you move to instead of turning them into replicas of the shit holes you created then left to come here.

Respect must be earned. Try it.

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