Nice little video on honor killings set to music

This is a decent and passionate video on honor killings and deserves attention. There are things however that I disagree with, one is a common error, that its up to Muslims to change an aspect of Islam. I have made the objection to many in the anti jihad, that if we left it up to Nazis to change their genocidal tendencies or up to communists to become a free society the world would be the deepest circle of hell now. The second is the statement that the time for religion is over. This makes the common and simple assumption that the problem lies with religion and it does not. Religion like any other sphere of human thought and behaviour is more or less innate to humanity. Its how that drive is used and not the drive itself. One cannot say the problem with rape is sex or the problem with theft can be dealt with be eliminating desire for things. So it is with Islam’s perversion of the religious drive. Even so, this is a worthy watch.


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