Elmasry: Canada’s ayatollah-in-waiting

Much has been discussed regarding the decline of freedom of speech in this country. While the cases of Ezra Levant and Maclean’s/ Mark Steyn are high profile ones, many other smaller fish have been caught in the trolling net of various HRC’s. Mr. Levant and Mr. Steyn, along with numerous other journalists, broadcasters, bloggers and t.v. hosts have done an excellent job of exposing the creeping and dangerous desire by some to shut down open thought. It needs to continue until these fascist “courts” are dismantled.

That being said, I’d like to bring some well deserved exposure to the major complainants behind the push to silence Canadians. First, let’s read what CIC’s national vice president Wahida Valiante, has to say on freedom of speech in Canada. “Real democracy depends on the free flow of ideas, of debate and disagreement, and newspapers are the best forum for those debates”. It would be wonderful if she meant it, but in fact, she doesn’t. Click here For a full understanding of her actual view, And so the exposure of the bullshit begins.

The Canadian Islamic Congress and it’s ayatollah-in-waiting Dr. Muhammed Elmasry, is the main plaintiff in the Maclean’s/Mark Steyn affair. Of course, Elmasry denies this, preferring to describe his position as one of “facilitator”, merely playing a supporting role to the 3 or 4 Osgoode Law students. According to the CIC, these legal beagles are the real “complainants”, but according to the facts of the case, this is totally false. Elmasry is one of two plaintiffs with the law students playing the secondary role.

Assuming that we are all interested in fairness and honesty, and as Ms. Valiante would have us believe her respect for democracy, let’s take a brief walk through the CIC web site to glean the “fairness” and “honesty” of Dr. Elmasry et.al. This organization claims to speak for Canada’s Muslim majority community, yet their ideals are in constant conflict with a slew of moderate Muslim organizations. See www.muslimcanadiancongress.com. They leave the true majority of this country’s progressive Muslims constantly poised to defend themselves and must work hard to counter an imported, Saudi ideology. They (CIC) simply do not represent the majority view(s) of Muslims living in Canada. They should also not be in the business of accusing the media of bringing negative images/stereotypes of Islam to the populace; they are doing a fine job of smearing Islam themselves. That is another fact.

I’d like to introduce you some of the thoughtful views of the CIC. Let’s begin with an op-ed, written by the master Jew-hater himself, Dr. Elmasry. Please take the time to read “Zionist Israel at 60-a history built on ethnic cleansing”; . As a follow-up treat, read “Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine-Canadian youth invited to enter national essay contest; . This is especially grotesque, as it is aimed at high school students to participate in anti-semetic rhetoric. Naturally, a prize is awarded for the “best” Israeli-hating essay.

Afterward, you may consider taking a look at “CIC asks that government take Hezbollah and Hamas off terror list. I am especially amused by this one, as the CIC believes that dialogue with these murderers is in order and peace can be “achieved”, the same way success was met with the IRA. As an Irish woman, I am disgusted at this call for soft-cell sympathy. Ridicule is the most appropriate response to this logic. Sinn Fein may fancy themselves as suit wearing, peaceful “freedom” fighters, but how many are still enamoured with “the cause”? In truth, the world took responsible action by reducing them to rubble and stripping them of any real significance. A world deserving of peace can only hope that the same outcome befall the bloodlust cause of terrorist Islamism.

Now we move to television. In 2004, Dr. Elmasry, a panelist on the Michael Coren show, publicly stated that “all Israeli’s over the age of eighteen are legitimate largets for terrorism”. Of course, he peddled the disingenuous ” I was misunderstood” line, even though thousands of viewers heard it. I recommend you watch the entire Ezra Levant on the Michael Coren show here Coupled with Elmasry’s denial, is this call for the cancellation of the Michael Coren show entirely- ” Canadian and Arab groups urge CTS network to drop Michael Coren show”;. With a response that can only be compared to as an involuntary Islamist “tick”, the resemblance to the wishfull crippling of Maclean’s is striking. I would suppose a more suitable replacement according to the the CIC’s recommendation, would be for Canadians to hook up to “all al-jazeera, all the time”.

For those who would prefer meatier reading, check out the in-depth section on Maclean’s. This can be found on the left hand side bar of their home page: www.canadianislamiccongress.com. A must read. Or better yet, why not open a good Chardonnay and settle into the “task force” findings and ratings by the CIC on the Canadian media.  The gathering and compiling of anything perceived as Islamophobic content, anywhere, by anyone has been one of the largest priorities of the CIC for the past eight years, keeping it’s employees in constant motion. It’s a wonder they managed to find the time and energy to go to the HRC hearings. Elmasry didn’t show of course; he sent his sock puppets to do the work for him. I do understand though, that his empty chair was adorned with a sign stating: ” Dr. Muhammed Elmasry, (CIC), representing the majority of Canada’s Muslims.

By all logic, the CIC should be sitting in the criminal hot seat of an HRC. It’s site reads like an Iranian manifesto where anti-Semetism and anti-Americanism is ripe. For years Elmasry has “smeared” and “bashed” Israel, Jews, Americans, Canadians, the media, the Pope and moderate Muslims, all of which are viewed as fairgame in the land of CIC “fair commentary”. And like Dr. Elmasry sees fit to expose all those he considers harmful to Islam, I see fit to expose the blatant hypocrisy by this group of bigots.

Radical Islam depends on upholding the persecution complex where constant cries of abuse and victimhood is the only thing keeping it alive. Without it, it would be forced to become part of a larger, modern world. This is much of the sentiment in the Middle East and radical groups like the CIC inherit the same logic, importing it to western nations. To discriminate  against others in the name of Islamist victimhood is seen as a justifiable act; yet to criticise this practice of Islamist bigotry is viewed as a crime, punishable by silence.

To twist facts, distort the truth and blame the “other” is a requirement to make the A list of radicalism. Take for example one of the most disingenious “claims” brought against Mark Steyn in the Maclean’s case. Mr. Steyn quoted a Scandanavian cleric, Mullah Krekar in the passage from America Alone which was published in Maclean’s. The “mosquito” remark was not made by Mr. Steyn, it was made by the mullah. Yet, Elmasry, intent upon and desperate to put the screws to the Canadian media, any Canadian media publication, issued his own personal fatwa against Maclean’s. The fact that an Imam uttered the offensive remark is conveniently overlooked and dismissed. The fault lies only in the misdeeds of the infidels Steyn and Maclean’s.

Fast forward to the hearings. For months we were told that “all the complainants had asked for was a chance to respond to Mr. Steyn’s passage with an equal response”. The cry and hue of an “imbalance” in reporting and media coverage in favour of Steyn is also a fabrication; the CIC and their sock puppets turned down several invitations to appear on television to discuss their case. Newspapers across the country publish letters to the editor and provide space for opinion/editorials regularly. There are Islamic magazines, blogs, radio station(s) and cultural, community newspapers. Where exactly is the imbalance? Does the unfairness lie in the fact that the CIC was rejected for demanding excessive space to respond in a private magazine?

It is important to realize that the CIC has taken a radical view on most issues that have confronted Canadians in the past decade. On several occasions they have had to recant and apologize for anti-semetic remarks. On topics where public opinion is necessary for the changing cultural face of Canada, the CIC condemns opposing opinion with disrespect and grades any government policy established which is contrary to their wishes, with an F. Shari’a is viewed as a viable paralell legal system and polygamy is touted as a family friendly policy.

The Canadian Islamic Congress is by no means the only organization hell bent in it’s pusuit of creating a more “tolerant” Canada. I’m certain there are many who share their views and objectives and they are free to tout their bigotry openly. By the same token, it is worth recognizing that freedom of opinion and it’s expression is not an exclusivity for some at the expense of others. 


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