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For those of us who have seen Fitna, there are likely to be three basic reactions. 1. Horror. People who had no idea what Islam is about will be shocked and horrified either of the truths that Fitna reveals, or horrified that someone would dare say these things of ‘The Religion of peace’. (If Islam is the religion of peace, whats Tibetan Buddhism I wonder?)

2. Reassurance. Those of us who have done basic research or are not completely myopic, already know all Fitna has to say. This movie wasn’t made for us. So we may feel reassured, or even disappointed that there was nothing there for us. The best review on the matter is by Fjordman, the best writer on the counter jihad I have read to date where he explains the matter and even posseble solutions in detail.

3. Furor. Many Muslims of course will be furious not because its untrue, but because criticising their precious politics/religion is cause for more violence than just the usual level.

To put Fitna into better perspective, may I recommend the following resources. I watched a two and a half hour documentary the other night called ‘Farewell Israel’ and its a must see.While some of its claims of the golden age of Islam are factually incorrect these are small matters compared to the central dogma of the film which is, ‘How does Islam see the concepts of ‘peace’ and of  ‘justice’?

This film is so well done that at times it appears to have been made by Muslims for each other. Even if it was, its the best thing I have seen of all the books I have read or videos I have watched which explains the actual thought process of the Islamic world and contains some truly shocking historical revelations. Not to be a plot spoiler, but one of them is how the Ottomans after the first world war actually taught the Germans how to do a holocaust by sending Christians still living in Constantinople/Istanbul to mass graves by train.

Also, the book by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, ‘Infidel’ is a superb read from a woman’s perspective. Ali is a Somali born Muslim who managed to escape a forced marriage in Canada as a teenager and became a member of the Dutch Parliament. She was subsequently chased out of Holland because of her anti Islamic stance. Her neighbors actually where afraid of her living in the same building for fear of Islamic attacks on her and the government was afraid of Islamic retribution for her work on the Theo VanGogh film, ‘Submission which can be seen here.

Also, the movie Obsession, Radical Islam’s war with the West is a MUST SEE.

While there may not be anything new in it for most of you likely to read this blog, it is the source material for much of what is in Fitna and is a great basic package to show your friends who just don’t get it yet. Farewell Israel however, (link above) has a great deal of information and history of Islam and its interactions with the west since the birth of Mohamed.

There will be something new in it for pretty much everyone.

Ill post the actual movie Submission below from its really not that heavy a movie. It shows how Islam thinks of women more or less but as it cost Theo Van Gogh his life and Ayaan Hirshi Ali a lifetime of living under guard and threat of her life as well as Geert wilders, I think it should be seen as a tribute to these brave and fine people, trying to defend liberal values, for all of us.


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