Fitna on Liveleak?

Ok so the claim is, that (still a stellar place to find great videos of all kinds) had put Fitna back up after beefing up security and making the brave statement that no one will tell them what they can and cannot show.

After 3 searches I cant find the video there anywhere. Its still here though so if you want to watch it scroll down and you can watch it right here on Vlad. But i did find this most excellent video on Liveleak. Much harsher than Fitna I think but no less true. I love how the music changes at the end.

My question remains, why this one and many others and not Fitna? well never mind watch and enjoy. and after that, this next one…

Who knew that instead of having 4 witnesses you could just have one who swears four times!

Then there is this from (actually I dont know who it is) but I watch a lot of his videos and when he gets it right he has it bang on right down to the ground.

Alahu Snackbar to you all


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