Denmark in a turbulent time

This is a voice from Copenhagen, Denmark.

In my point of view this is a very unusual tone from a Danish politician and, actually, most people, as I understand it, find it refreshing. The resistance “movement” is as yet, fresh and new, the Danes are unused to offending publicly. We like to think of ourselves as tolerant. However, suddenly (or perhaps it is just now, slowly, registering) our tolerance is being spat upon.

But, having lived so many years in freedom we have come to take this freedom for granted and we naturally assumed that anyone who came to Denmark would embrace our values and fall on their knees to thank god that they were led to this land of milk and honey. We closed our eyes and thought soft values and human rights would prevail. We have seen and met and greeted the muslims and foreigners and their foreign ways and welcomed a breeze of fresh air but been so arrogant as to think that Denmark had come to the pinnacle of humanity and civilization and was, therefore, “untouchable” in our superiority of life. We did not worry. Even the frequent wake-up calls around the world has failed to touch our complacent happy Danishness.

Denmark is now worrying. Though we utterly fail to see what all the kafuffle is about with the drawings (thank goodness one could say), and laugh about those foolish people out there, it has now become clear to most that we are dealing with an utterly different mind-set than ours. Dangerously different. Somehow we had thought that democracy and freedom was certain and that that was what everyone wanted! How could it be otherwise! Danes are now starting to get a worrying sense of trouble and uneasyness (we don’t like trouble and uneasyness) and are now in the throes of getting impatient with those who do not hold our values while at the same time agonizing about familiar and cherished values that we might have to change. It shows now in the press and the conversations of people who have usually talked about just ordinary everyday things and events. Even as I write this we are in the just-before stages of waking up to a reality that has, Trojan horse style, snuk in the door. The foreigners are no longer seen as just quaint additions to Denmark, they are starting to paint our houses and rearranging our furniture while we were in our beds dreaming. The walls we are starting to wake up to, are painted with mud, and the furniture is held together with sticks and jiffytape. And we don’t like the change. Nor what they failed to replace in the fridge while they happily ate out of ours.

And now, to a personal note.

I am a woman. Right now I have the right to vote, to speak my mind, to go where I please and to say what I please. And yet, even while I rail against inequality in my very own democratic western country re. salary, etc. it’s small fry and I can deal with it and work with it because these are the finishing touches of a civilized society. But…it is quite QUITE another thing to see my entire life philosophy and way of being being threatened by a religion and a philosphy that makes me a second grade citizen and who wants to dictate what I can do or where I can go and say and believe. And whom I can call my friends. And really. What is the difference between being burned alive at the stake, the female entertainment du jour several hundred years ago, or put in an ankle-length black bodybag seeing the sun with only a coloured mesh before ones eyes. Alive, to wander the streets, muffled, with a male relative at ones side. Or stoned to death if escorted by inappropriate male. I don’t see the difference. I don’t believe much of anything but I do belive that everyone will suffer under such direction. Everyone. Male AND female. And we’ll be back to bows and arrows and fighting small petty feudal wars over nothing. In no time.

We’ve fought hard to come out of the caves and I, for one, will be damned before (or burned) before I go sleepwalking into oblivion.


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