Where Wilders and Pipes are wrong

Geert Wilder’s and Daniel Pipes are both excellent spokespeople for the anti jihad. There efforts are courageous and inspiring.

I wish to take no admiration away from either one. Both and perhaps especially Geert Wilder’s lives under constant threat of there very lives for their stance on Islam and the threat it poses to western Jeffersonian liberal values.

Both of them however end their respective speeches and movies with one false and in my opinion highly dangerous idea.

That Muslims themselves must fix these aspects of there religion and actions based on it which civilization finds anathema.

Wilders specifically states this in his excellent short film, ‘FITNA’ available here or on www.liveleak.com for viewing, where he tears a page from a phone book and states that this is not a Koran, its up to Muslims to do this, meaning its up to Muslims to remove the objectionable parts of there creed.

I ask you all to imagine what would have happened had we simply said, “Its up to Germans to remove the repugnant parts of Nazis” or, “Its up to Russians to fix the murderous aspects of Stalin-ism”. I could go on with literally hundreds and perhaps thousands of historical examples but the idea is clear.

Its not up to them, they like it. Its up to us. We few who recognize the threat must act to end the threat to western civilization that Islam brings. Europe is noticing how its very state’s are changing from pressure by Muslims there.

Later today an article will appear here by one of our writers about how Canadian Muslim groups sponsor contests to create lies about history and encourage hatred of races and groups. Not based on there philosophies or ideas only that they threaten hegemony by Muslims to rule within Canada and outside Canadian liberal values. Ideas such as equality of women (some Canadian Imam’s are actually being taken to the human rights commission for violating women’s rights now) etc.

The fact remains, no one ever stopped tyranny by expecting the tyrants, there beneficiaries, or those brainwashed into these ideas by however many generations of indoctrination to fix their own flaws to our purpose.

It remains up to us.


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