Forced marriages in the UK grossly under estimated

In this article from the Guardian in the UK, the problem of Muslim forced marriage is shown to be a much bigger problem than even Bruce Bawer in his excellent book ‘While Europe Slept’ shows it to be.

To be clear, there is a difference between arranged marriage which is common in many traditional societies and forced marriage which is more typical of Islam.

In an arranged marriage that you might see in a Hindu family or Jewish or Zoroastrian etc, the couple gets to meet and decide if they accept this arrangement and carry on from there. As far as I know, its quite successful as a means of meeting ones mate.

in a forced marriage, usually a girl although sometimes a boy is forced to marry often a first cousin in order to bring in more traditional Muslim’s to the host country (in this case the UK) and as a way of helping to guarantee not becoming ‘westernized’.

Typically the spouse from the old country is a very religious and traditional Muslim and the arrangement is far more political and even (as this article states) punitive in nature.

From the article:

Forced marriage is often used to “correct” some kind of behaviour that a family is not happy about, including drug and alcohol use, promiscuity, having a boyfriend from another ethnic background, or the fear that a teenage daughter has become too “westernised”. It is inextricably linked to bullying, suicide (rates among young British Asian women are three times the national average) and “honour” violence, including murder

I must say, England, a nation who for centuries has fought with many tyrants to demand decent human rights including the shelling of the palace of one African king to demand an end to the slave trade there should be profoundly ashamed of itself to allow this to continue within its own borders and by its own citizens.


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