British Vicar beaten and taunted by Muslims. Called ‘faith hate crime’

To be perfectly fair, it takes more than this simple blog to post the daily outrages perpetrated on the western world and even to other Muslims by Islam. This incident is indeed an outrage beyond even the usual car burnings, threats to our civil liberties and rights and attacks on people in the western world.

This was a savage beating of a Christian minister at his own church by Muslims chanting “this should be a mosque, not a church”

I was speaking with my friend Fred who runs the excellent blog who pointed out this story to me actually, and we both realized that it would take a whole newspaper and a daily one at that to show all the stories in the western world of Islam’s pernicious attempts to destroy everything sacred to liberal democracy.

And yet the left still supports thier agenda and rights. Go figure.

Please read the above link on the UK story and think about what this means to us all.


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