An open letter to the Canadian Human rights Commision


Subject: Warman v Lemire tribunal hearing

Dear Ms Cyr

I am writing to request that the Warman v Lemire tribunal hearing that is scheduled for March 25, 2008 be open to the public. Canada is a free and democratic nation by design and must remain so. No institution should be above the law or above public scrutiny.

It has come to our attention that evidence will be given that suggests that CHRC investigator Dean Steacy created an anonymous account on a website with the intention of making comments that would allow the CHRC to persecute that web site and its owners. I would say prosecute but as due process seems to be absent in CHRC procedure persecute seems a more accurate term.

This is to say the very least Orwellian and perhaps more accurately described as ‘Torquemada-esque’.

We feel that the presence of media and public observers would serve to increase security at the hearing. Since members of the internet community wish to see this matter dealt with in a speedy and professional manner, it is our desire to help maintain a safe and peaceful environment so that the Tribunal feels safe keeping the hearing open and public, so many sets of eyes will be on the lookout for disruptors.

Thank you very much in advance for considering this request.


And so on.

The point is, the CRTC is having a hearing as it turned out that one of their own staff, and a senior one at that, actualy posted comments that where offensive on various web sites in order to persecute the owners of that web site.

I would ask as many of you that care about Free Speech to write the CHRC politely and ask them to make the hearing on this matter a public affair. It is interesting that its the first non public hearing they have had as opposed to when they persecute the public which is as far as I know, public at least to an extent.

More information on this matter can be found here and various links within it

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