Egypt church issues first conversion certificate

apostasyThere is no compulsion in Islam. Of course, if a Muslim wishes to change his or her religion, they will be compelled to go through the courts to do it.

from yahoo news

CAIRO (AFP) – Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Church has for the first time issued a certificate of conversion to a Muslim-born Christian, his lawyer said, in a country where religious conversion is highly sensitive.Maher al-Gohari, who is seeking to change his religion on his official documents from Muslim to Christian was asked by a court to provide a conversion certificate from the Egyptian church.”He handed it in today,” Nabil Gabriel told AFP. “It is the first time the church provides this sort of certificate.”In Egypt, citizens are required to carry their personal ID cards at all times. Without an ID card, one has no access to basic services.It is only the second time that such a request has been formally made in a country where converting to Christianity, while not illegal, is practically impossible.Last year, a court rejected a request by a Christian convert from Islam, Mohammed Higazi, to have his new religion written on his identity card.Highlighting the sensitivity of the topic, the church would not comment on Gohari’s case specifically.”In general, the church cannot turn away anyone who reaches out to it, otherwise it would be abandoning one its role as a church.”Tensions often run high between Egypt’s Muslim and Christian communities in an increasingly religious society dominated by Sunni Muslims.Egypt’s Copts — the largest Christian community in the Middle East — account for an estimated six to 10 percent of the country’s 80 million inhabitants.

U.K. Invents Time Travel. Leaving for “1984” on Monday


Personal web data to be stored for a year

from The Independent

New law forces service providers to record all your calls and emails from Monday


The mobile calls, emails and website visits of every person in Britain will be stored for a year under sweeping new powers which come into force on Monday. Privacy campaigners warned last night that the information would be used by the Government to create a giant “Big Brother” super-database containing a map of everyone’s private life.

 The new powers will, for the first time, place a legal duty on internet companies to store private information, including email traffic and website browsing histories.

Although the new retention powers will not permit the storage of the content of emails or phone calls it will show details such as IP addresses, date, time and user telephone numbers. Under the terms of the EU directive, the Home Office has written to leading internet service providers and phone companies offering to compensate them for the costs incurred in retaining the data for a year. Continue Reading →