“trying to control stray dogs by neutering veterinarians” Canada’s National Post on Mumbai

George Jonas is one of Canada’s truly bright lights in journalism. He really calls it in this article in Canada’s National Post, arguably the only major newspaper in Canada that isn’t trying to sell Canada’s ‘official mandatory culture’. Before I post this article there is a development that I think needs to be reported. India was accused of violating Pakistani air space twice today, December 12th in two separate areas of the Pakistani Indian border. Pakistan has downplayed the incident but India is denying it took place. this is likely pressure by India on its nuclear neighbor Pakistan because the token arrests and changes in policy towards terrorist groups are never enforced for long. Terrorists who are arrested for crimes against India etc. are released as soon as no one is looking and the incarceration usually looks more like Club Med than Club Fed.

from Stratfor:

Stratfor sources have said that Pakistan, under pressure from both India and the United States, has removed several dozen operatives from Inter-Services Intelligence. However, Islamabad has refused to hand over any Pakistani nationals to India. Furthermore, India does not trust that Pakistan is willing and/or able to rein in militant Islamists. This is because Islamabad has arrested such actors and banned militant Islamist groups in the past, only to allow them return to business as usual.

This situation, along with domestic pressure, is forcing the Indian government’s hand and pushing it toward taking unilateral military action against Pakistani-based militants. That said, New Delhi is concerned that any conflict with Pakistan could worsen security for India and in the broader region. Trying to balance between the need to act and the need to exercise caution, New Delhi likely ordered the incursions as a means to sustain the pressure to shape Pakistani behavior

Lastly I would like to add that Pamela Geller’s speculation, which is in no way confirmed, that the police in Mumbai who had a clear shot at a terrorist and did not take it (this much is true) were Muslims may factor in to the severity of the Mumbai attacks. I would very much like to know if its true. If it is, it only makes the point in the article below more valid.

On to the Jonas article…

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