Liberating Muslim Women; part 1

Canada’s predominant guru of all things Islam and top loud-mouth of anti-Semitic rhetoric, Dr. Elmasry, has published a recent op-ed on the Canadian Islamic Congress website entitled “Liberating Muslim Women” part 1. As usual, his essay is riddled with inaccuracies and broad statements without any accompanying statistical source information. But perhaps the most troublesome aspect of this essay is his incessant need to ridicule all things Western and to push the existence of “alarming levels of islamophobia” at every turn, as if it were a rampant thread running through every western news room.

The intention of Elmasry’s ill-crafted essay is to extol the virtues of Islam and it’s evidently loving, Quranic treatment of women against the backdrop of a fouled, misinformed Americanized media. This misdirectional tactic is common amongst jihadis, their defenders and apologizers. It is a strategy created to divert attention from and curb criticism toward a morally bankrupt whabbist ideology which time and again, perpetrates violence, aggression and oppression against women across the globe.

He is dismayed by a poster of a woman in hijab with the accompanying statement “how can we liberate them” displayed in Amsterdam in 2003, as part of a government public service announcement, an act he views as disturbing. What is truly disturbing though, is the fact that he fails to inform the reader of the campaign in any fuller context and provides no insight or factual detail as to why the government of Holland felt it necessary to initiate this campaign. Relying on this strategic imbalance, (which he constantly accuses the Canadian and all western media of doing), his aim is clear; to further instill and encourage a deeper sense of victimization and segregation within Canada’s Muslim population by portraying western nations as enemies of Islam. He also feels free to use women, hijabed or not, as his catapulting object to once again, demean western nations, secular cultures and modern values.

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