Liberating Muslim Women; part 1

Canada’s predominant guru of all things Islam and top loud-mouth of anti-Semitic rhetoric, Dr. Elmasry, has published a recent op-ed on the Canadian Islamic Congress website entitled “Liberating Muslim Women” part 1. As usual, his essay is riddled with inaccuracies and broad statements without any accompanying statistical source information. But perhaps the most troublesome aspect of this essay is his incessant need to ridicule all things Western and to push the existence of “alarming levels of islamophobia” at every turn, as if it were a rampant thread running through every western news room.

The intention of Elmasry’s ill-crafted essay is to extol the virtues of Islam and it’s evidently loving, Quranic treatment of women against the backdrop of a fouled, misinformed Americanized media. This misdirectional tactic is common amongst jihadis, their defenders and apologizers. It is a strategy created to divert attention from and curb criticism toward a morally bankrupt whabbist ideology which time and again, perpetrates violence, aggression and oppression against women across the globe.

He is dismayed by a poster of a woman in hijab with the accompanying statement “how can we liberate them” displayed in Amsterdam in 2003, as part of a government public service announcement, an act he views as disturbing. What is truly disturbing though, is the fact that he fails to inform the reader of the campaign in any fuller context and provides no insight or factual detail as to why the government of Holland felt it necessary to initiate this campaign. Relying on this strategic imbalance, (which he constantly accuses the Canadian and all western media of doing), his aim is clear; to further instill and encourage a deeper sense of victimization and segregation within Canada’s Muslim population by portraying western nations as enemies of Islam. He also feels free to use women, hijabed or not, as his catapulting object to once again, demean western nations, secular cultures and modern values.

According to the CIC, Muslim women need little, if any liberation from Islam. Apparently it is Western women who are in dire straits and in need of saving from the deep depths of misogyny and abuse. It is the Western nations who mistreat their women. Mr. Elmasry would like the media in our “so-called liberal societies” (another demeaning inference) to pay greater attention to real issues which compromise and demean the lives of Western women. It seems we are at greater risk from the effects of poverty, pornography, domestic abuse, marginalization and a lack of educational opportunities in career building fields. This is his unsupported claim. There is no doubt that injustice and abuses are inflicted upon men, women and children all over the world, and the West is no exception. But his comparison is irresponsible, fraught with emotional and defensive discharge, intellectually vacant and statistically void.

What sources does he draw these conclusions from? Where are the statistics supporting these claims? What legitimate comparative research does he cite? Has he spoken to the many Muslim women who struggle against oppressive regimes in the Middle East? As an expert in Islam and Muslim cultural affairs, has he interviewed the young women living in fear of patriarchal reprisal and violence for appearing “too western” in Europe and North America? Has he listened to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Noni Darwish or Dr. Wafa Sultan speak of the incredible abuse they endured while living a good, obedient Muslim woman’s life?

When he speaks of human rights abuses, does he prefer to ignore the number of Muslim women’s groups that have been organized to support women fleeing from religious and cultural oppression? Has he forgotten the Taliban? Or female genital mutilation, honour killings, forced marriages, suicides by petrol, child brides, rape, incest, soaring female illiteracy rates, begging widows, the bombing of girl’s schools by insurgents, high infant mortality rates, lack of adequate women’s health care, polygamy, the forced wearing of burquas, stonings and amputations?

In March of this year, the Star, a Canadian news publication from Toronto, listed the ten worst places in the world to live as a woman. They are: Afghanistan, Democratic republic of Congo, Iraq, Nepal, Guatemala, Sudan, Mali, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Somalia. Seven of the ten listed are Islamic nations. The countries with the largest literacy gaps are: Mali, Benin, Yemen, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Guinea, Niger, Chad and Afghanistan. Six of these listed are also Muslim nations. The Star also listed the ten best places in the world for a woman to live. They are: Iceland, Norway, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan, Netherlands and France. None are Islamic. It is apparent that Dr. Elmasry is in desperate need of a research assistant.

Dr. Elmasry asserts that the media do not concentrate on the achievements of women in the Islamic world and to a degree he is correct. The past and present have seen recognized successes attained by some women of Islam, but they pale in comparison to the many whose aim it is to merely survive under extremely adverse conditions. This continues to be the most pressing issue for women in the Middle East and North Africa and for concerned men and women everywhere. News agencies around the world, including sources from inside the Muslim world, tell of untold brutality aimed at the Muslimah and in turn, their children.

The CIC’s article states that a false image promoted by the western propaganda machine, is that imperialist nations, especially the United States are genuinely interested in the liberation of women. This is not a false notion it is a truth, for the Western world has achieved equality and respect for women which the Muslim world to a large degree is vehemently opposed. Please read “Majority of jailed Afghan women serving time for BEING raped”. and decide if human dignity for women is such a wicked aspiration. Perhaps the CIC is so bogged down with their hatred of the West and the United States in particular, that they would prefer to deny the barbarism committed by Muslim against Muslim. Busied by contempt for Judeo-Christian values, a desire to whitewash abuse and condemn responsible journalism with near neurotic proportion, they maintain the human failure that is radical Islam.


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