Who Kills Muslims? Al Qaeda Kills Muslims.

Interesting post relating to the real victims of islamic fascism.


This is not really new news, but it bears repeating: Muslims are actually the main victims of al Qaeda’s jihad against the Evil West, despite claims by number two terrorist douche-bag Ayman al-Zawahri that few Muslims have been killed by al Qaeda’s global war against Westerners.

More research backs this up. From a recent report out of West Point:

“The fact is that the vast majority of al Qaeda’s victims are Muslims: The analysis here shows that only 15 percent of the fatalities resulting from al Qaeda attacks between 2004 and 2008 were Westerners,” according to the report, titled “Deadly Vanguards: A Study of Al Qaeda’s Violence Against Muslims.”

“Many victims of al Qaeda and its affiliates have been Muslim, and people in the Muslim world know that. This explains why many Muslims deplore al Qaeda, and why you see more Muslim voices these days expressing strong opposition to al Qaeda and the ideology it espouses,” the report states.

>A Muslim’s worst nightmare.

Stratfor on Al Queda activity within Pakistan.




By Fred Burton and Scott Stewart

In a June 10 press conference, Rehman Malik, the internal affairs advisor to Pakistan’s prime minister, reported that a suicide bombing plot had been thwarted when Pakistani authorities arrested nine individuals and seized four apparent vehicle-borne improvised explosives devices (VBIEDs) containing a total of over 1,100 kilograms of explosives.

Three of the VBIEDs were recovered by authorities on June 6. Of those, two vehicles contained 400 kilograms of explosives, while the third carried a 200-kilogram load, Malik said. On the same day, authorities advised that they were searching for a fourth VBIED, which appears to be the one they recovered June 9. According to Malik, it contained 180 kilograms of explosives.

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