Dr. Denis Rancourt testimony at NCI Ottawa: Excess deaths due to vaxx

A few days ago, we posted an astonishing clip of ex Pfizer VP, Mike Yeadon. He made some very bold claims but ones that should probably be considered before dismissal out of hand, if for no other reason, than events of the past few decades show that trusting in the system and captured institutions is a very very bad idea. Early in the Yeadon speech, he refers to work by Denis Rancourt, a Canadian physicist and interdisciplinary scientist. As it happens, Dr. Rancourt was speaking in Ottawa last week and presented the exact work Dr. Yeadon was speaking about. That presentation is below:

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One Reply to “Dr. Denis Rancourt testimony at NCI Ottawa: Excess deaths due to vaxx”

  1. Zen Zelenko saved thousands of lives using Hydroxy …combined with other drugs
    I think this scientist is using this argument to support his position and it makes me very critical of his other findings
    Not only Zev, but Nobel winner Luc montaneau
    Of France…and other exceptionally brilliant docs and researchers recommending it.
    It was in use for lupus on regular basis in every country in world and no deaths or toxicity….so why would docs all of a sudden start jacking up the dosage for a flu?
    Doesn’t make any sense…
    But for the most part his attention to the stats is relevant..
    I followed all the death numbers during the 2 years…all the stats and it was the foundation for my reasoning that it was a fake pandemic…
    Fear…lack of treatment…etc…ie what this guy said about ventilators ..true
    And all the poor souls that were refused antibiotics to treat bacterial pneumonia
    That killed them
    , not a man made sars virus
    Must listen to last half of his testimony

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