Poisoned doctor? Diesel powered wind mills, and why the global warming scam? Links 1, May 22, 2023

1. Anti vaxx doctor has died, and claimed he was poisoned a few days earlier by the vaxx or its component parts. Several links to videos and articles on this below.

Gateway Pundit: Anti-Vaccine Dr. Rashid Buttar Has Died


Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson


2. About Wind power:

3. WHO Issues Warning on “Unusual” Surge of Severe Myocarditis Cases in Newborns and Infants

(And people wonder why they are removing all gun ownership rights)

The World Health Organization (WHO) has sounded the alarm over a significant increase in cases of “severe myocarditis” among newborns and infants in Wales and England.

The WHO issued a warning on Tuesday, drawing attention to a worrying increase in these severe cases of myocarditis between June 2022 and March 2023 and recommending increased awareness and further investigation into the underlying causes.

“On 5 April 2023, the National IHR Focal Point for the United Kingdom informed WHO of an increase in severe myocarditis in neonates associated with enterovirus infection in Wales,” according to the news release.

There were ten newborns hospitalized with myocarditis, and one of them died.

(Anyone remember the rate of myocarditis, severe or otherwise in newly born and infants pre-mRNA vaxx?)

4. Newspaper calls Trudeau a ‘buffoon’ after lecturing Italian PM

(I remember someone I knew in the 90s saying that “Canada’s principle export is sanctimony”. Actually it is rapidly becoming our only export. Well next to guns and oil of course.)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a self-described feminist, is being slammed for his “repugnant” behaviour after trying to “mansplain” democracy to Italian counterpart Giorgia Meloni.

Meloni seemed none too pleased Friday at the G7 summit in Hiroshima, Japan, when Trudeau told her before private, bilateral talks that “Canada is concerned about some of the positions Italy is taking in terms of LGBT rights.” He added that he was looking forward to speaking to her more about the issue and “other democratic principles that the world needs.”

Related: Canadian trucker arrested for being part of the Convoy, but quite possibly for giving AfD MEP Christine Anderson a ride in his truck:

5. The architects of the Global Warming narratives

Thank you all for considering the materials presented here as worthy of consideration for contributions to your own world view.

Hopefully later today, we should have some materials exposing CBC for what they really are.

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    • I wonder how many of the elites have any idea of what will happen to them, when the “little people” finally explode. It is coming. They can run, but they will not be able to hide.

  1. Maurice Strong, eugenist, vile, evil, Canadian Oil Tycoon, collaborator and friend of Pierre Trudeau. Where did he end up?

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