Parents of Josh Alexander removed from teaching jobs – find out the horrifying ‘reasons’ why

We managed to interview Josh Alexander at the court house yesterday where a small group of freedom minded people gathered to support Harold Jonker as he appeared in court and for fingerprinting. Please read details at RAIR Foundation. Interview below.

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6 Replies to “Parents of Josh Alexander removed from teaching jobs – find out the horrifying ‘reasons’ why”

  1. Amazing how instructive and relevant the Bible continues to be:

    Romans 1:22-32 reads like a page from the growing saga of oppressed Western peoples, afflicted by the demonic assaults of the Evil one’s little foot soldiers.

    And then we have Revelation, the latter chapters of which foretell/chronicle the casting of said foot soldiers and their leaders into the Lake of Fire, thereby separating them from all goodness, beauty, and peace for all eternity.

    Worth a read.

    • I totally agree. All Romans 1 is important.

      Its comforting to know whats going to happen next, by being able to read Gods word and know what’s going to happen and where we are in the stream of time. God tells us the worlds history from the beginning so when it happens we will believe. Or choose not to.

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