FBI in France, Vaxx and vaxx and more: Links 1, May 11th, 2023

1. Question: Is this the FBI branch office in France? Or is it the French equivalent alphabet agency?

2. Soros-Backed Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner Releases Woman Who Opened Fire into the Cinco de Mayo Crowd in St. Louis

Soros-funded Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner announced earlier this week that she will step down in June. This was cause for celebration in St. Louis. Under Gardner crime has skyrocketed in the city as she refuses to indict murderers and lets criminals roam free on the streets.

But she still has four more weeks to serve and on Wednesday Gardner released a woman who shot up the Cinco de Mayo festival in South St. Louis over the weekend.

There were eleven shootings in the City of St. Louis over the weekend including the shooting at the Cinco de Mayo festival on Cherokee Street in South St. Louis on Saturday.

3. COVID Vaccines Linked to Untreatable Eyeball Clots, Reveals Massive Study.

(Aren’t those shots amazing?! What CAN’T they do!?)

A major scientific journal has published research linking COVID vaccinations to retinal vascular occlusion, with vaccinated individuals at “significantly” greater risk of developing blood clots than unvaccinated individuals.

The paper published in Nature harvested data on some 95,156,967 people. Of those, 7.3 million met the criteria for inclusion in the study.

Controlling for confounding variables such as people on anticoagulants, certain contraceptives, and other medications, the researchers were left with 745,041 vaccinated and 3.8 million unvaccinated subjects to compare. They found that “two years after vaccination, the chances of all subtypes… of retinal vascular occlusion increased significantly in the vaccinated cohort.”

Retinal vein occlusion, or RVO, has generally been associated with “people with diabetes, and possibly high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, or other health problems that affect blood flow,” according to the Cleveland Clinic.

4. There is a lot of interesting material about the Trump Town Hall from the other night at Gateway Pundit. People seem to have counter-rigged it in the way for a few years people counter-rigged election polls. Remember when the polls all said leftists would win and then they didn’t? Its because people stopped trusting pollsters and lied to them. There was already a cost to answering ‘incorrectly’ even back then, So we won a few till they learned to rig it differently. CNN apparently hand picked the audience for the Town Hall but from the sound of it, people lied and said they hated Trump when they supported him. So when their hostile anchor was unable to dialectically assassinate him, they ended the town hall 20 minutes early. Which frankly is the best evidence of all that CNN rigged it. Anything else could be explained away. But when Trump was looking good despite their cheats they end the Town hall early, you know it’s cause they weren’t getting the desired effect.

5. Media on the VAXX then and now


Thank you for reading the site and considering just how screwed we all really are at this point.

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  1. 1/ My! All those Nazis! And I saw one of them riding a unicorn! Shame!

    2/ Shootings in St. Louis? Gotta be white nationalism

  2. Those french with their celtic crosses are genuine, the real deal.

    In the greater Paris area there are some 13 million people living and that a few hundred national socialists gathered and marched should not surprise anyone, just another sign of the times.

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