Joe Rogan, horrified by CBC agitprop against Freedom

Joe Rogan notices the dialectic tactic of the CBC without naming it specifically. Specifically, what the CBC is doing, is applying Discourse Theory to negate or cancel people who want freedom, by claiming that the word freedom itself, is a dogwhistle for “far right groups. In other words, Freedom is bad, because it is used by racists, or any other negative association the Discourse Theory engineer can cement to the concept being negated. Mr. Rogan refers to this article from the CBC. We must revel in this article. It is another nail in the coffin for the MSM and legacy media in Canada. It is a magnificent piece of agitprop and politburo propaganda with zero news or editorial value whatsoever. Its like opening a bag of your favorite food and finding roasted crickets inside instead of powdered crickets on something that looks like real food. When you see roasted crickets, you have to accept what it is, or truly delude yourself into believing this is actually the food you always thought it was.

There are scheduled protests this weekend on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. This seems like a good time to go join one and chant FREEDOM as loudly as you can for as long as you can. Leave your phones at home though. Canada is not a free or democratic country at this point. So may as well make it more difficult to punish you for not being a good comrade.

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