China, Trudeau and the balloons

First, a breakdown of Trudeau’s tough-talk presser on the balloon he pretended to order the USAF to shoot down. The host made a claim that Canadian jets cannot make that altitude. Unless we actually have F22s, he is right. The ceiling on an F18 is listed at 36,000 Ft at one link. 50,000 at another though.
But the real thing here is that Trudeau actively encourages breaches of our national and sovereign territory by anyone and everyone who will be a threat to Canada. Sometimes paying them 8 figures if they are enough of a threat.

At Roxham Rd. in Quebec, the RCMP have been turned into bellhops and they even built a special structure so that the public cannot see the masses coming across the border illegally. The idea was to stop reporters who aren’t under government payroll from photographing or videoing the deliberate destruction of Canada in this particular manner. So to hear Trudeau talk like this is just another form of contempt he has for Canada, and Canadians. Remember, with the left, the point is never the point. The revolution is always the point.

There is not a lot of substance in this first video. Watch at 1.75 speed. Once he starts on reading people’s tweets you can stop.

Richard Fadden has always been good. Which is probably why he isn’t head of CSIS anymore. One wonders what this interview was like before the censors at CTV got to it. Mr. Fadden was warning Canadians that China owns a lot of our politicians for over a decade.

CBC from before 2014. At this point there was a trace of information left in CBC’s operations and a touch of speaking truth for the purpose of keeping power in check.


In a conversation with a friend last night, he used a phrase about current events which I thought was so accurate, we made a meme of it. Chances are, Canada will feel the effects of the Chinese effort to take Taiwan far far more than we feel Russia’s ambitions to annex the Donbas.

Please download and read this document called, “The Secret Speech of General Chi Haotian. This claims to be a speech given as to ambitions, rationale and methods for Chinese global manifest destiny. The analysis of Nazi methodology alone is worth the time to read it.

One wonders if the Chinese are 80s rock fans. The lyrics are closer to the events today than I had remembered.


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  1. Service ceiling on the f-18 B’s operated by Canada are listed as 53,240. The can easily go much higher than that, but can experience controlability issues. They can lock missiles and fire and fire much higher than that. That said- Turdeau is easily one of the worst leftist leaders in the world and good riddance to Jacinda Arden as well.

    • Thanks, you took the words right out of my mouth. F-18 pilots have routinely exceeded 60k, though performance is reduced. But you don’t need a ton of performance to dispatch a balloon. I don’t where 36k came from – drivel.

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