US detonates massive cloud of carcinogenic toxic PVC over Ohio farmland and more: Links 1, February 13, 2023

UPDATE: There is a ton of excellent information at this link. Thanks to J.

Here are a couple of videos from that site:

Now fish are all “died suddenly”

1. I distrust Stew Peters as a source of reliable information, in part because he added video in his movie Died Suddenly which actually predated Covid and could therefore not possibly be vaccine deaths, making him about as reliable and honest as Pfizer or the Canadian government. In this Tweet he uses a similar temporal distortion. How does one create a distraction BEFORE a catastrophe? But there is something very sinister about this story for sure.

Daily Mail: Toxic chemicals are released in fireball during controlled explosion at Ohio train derailment site: Experts warn that inhaling the cancer-causing vinyl chloride smoke could cause acid burns in lungs – after residents were evacuated

Toxic cancer-causing chemicals have been released into the air in East Palestine, Ohio, during a large controlled explosion at the site of the train derailment.  

Crews at the scene conducted the release of the hazardous chemicals – including vinyl chloride – from five of the derailed tanker cars that were in danger of exploding just after 3.30pm on Monday. 

Two of the five detonated cars that were completely polymerized in the dangerous incident – as the fireball exploded and black smoke wafted through the air. 

One of the major causes for concern was the presence of vinyl chloride inside the train. The substance is highly toxic and can cause acid burns in the lungs when ingested. 

Authorities have been issuing forced evacuations of the surrounding areas in recent days – warning that there would be hellish shrapnel rain and chemical destruction if the cars were to have exploded on their own accord.

Daily Mail has 25 photos. Here is one:

Unrelated: A cool short film from 2022:

At the level of gossip/news, I have heard from Social media crawlers that police were beating up people trying to record the scene and taking cameras away from them. Interesting.

2. Digital ID being trialed in Newfoundland.

3. Kenya is being used as a testing ground for biometric-based vaccine tracking for babies

(At a certain point, you start to get the feeling that either the world has become Hell, or they have hired all the writers from Black Mirror to write the news.)

Advancements are being made in controversial tests carried out in a hospital in a small town in Kenya to develop a biometric vaccination management tracking program for newborns.

The new method aims to ensure that as soon as a child is born and receives their first vaccine, biometric scanning of four of their fingers takes place, and in addition to fingerprinting babies, their caregivers’ biometric voice data is also collected.

The purpose of this is to monitor identities and manage vaccination histories, those behind the scheme said, noting that it is supposed to be used for the first 24 months of the babies’ lives and track how eight vaccines and one supplement are given to them.

Both the fingerprints and the voice data will then allegedly be removed, the group developing the biometric system has promised.

(“There is nothing more permanent than a temporary government program” -Ronald Raegan)

4. Three minute video on pilots and health and safety:

5. how can one not love school board meetings where parents tell authority to stop ruining their children? This video is enraging though, because it is such a clear window on the smug, authoritarian dictatorial nature of the left.

From the description:

In this video clip of a Chilliwack School District Board Meeting on February 7, 2023, Chilliwack school trustee Willow Reichert behaves like a dictator, and refuses to answer questions or challenges that members of the public put to her. In an effort to prevent them from fully airing their concerns, she routinely cuts them off, refuses to record their statements for the public record, and even threatens to expel them.

Extended Version:

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“if you do not arrest the Communists for the crimes they committed, they will arrest you for the crimes you didn’t commit.” – Philosopher Olavo de Carvalho

Thank you all for even considering these issues as worthy of your attention.

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  1. I mean no disrespect, but I would like some proof that Newfoundland and Labrador are being used as test case for digital currency. I cannot find a link that substantiates that claim and the Tweet in the article does not constitute proof. Does anyone have that proof and I will gladly share it. I am totally opposed to purely digital ID and CBDC as the totalitarian path it is.

  2. ITEM 4: The video at 1:22 shows the massive increase in pilot deaths and serious health issues as of 2020. Something is really wrong.

    AND the OHIO train derailment: Legacy media silence. The chemical crap in the sky travels far and wide and it falls to the ground. So much farmland in the area. How can they say it is safe after only five days?

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