Solving the problem by defining the standards

The following YouTube video is one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had standing up. Beyond its face level meaning, there is a lot to take away about how things have happened in the past few years and even into earlier efforts this site and its colleagues have made against other government lines of effort to destroy our culture, and we as a people.

Remember how the word, ‘vaccine’ was redefined to allow for the inclusion of mRNA shots that in no way whatsoever acted like, or was made in the manner of, or in any other way fit the definition of a vaccine? The same could be said of using the PCR test for a diagnostic tool, and adjusting the cycle threshold to give the desired results. Actually for more than the last few years, governments have been manipulating definitions to get the results they want in order to justify whatever policy they want.

Anyone who follows the banning of guns knows this to be true. Legal gun owners have a lower violent crime rate than the general population. Especially homicide rates.

Homicide rate for PAL 0.67 accused / 100 000 ppl . Average Canadians 1.22 /100 000 ppl . Keep in mind 80% of Pal licensees are men aged 18-40 and the homicide rate for men aged 18-40 in the Gen pop is much higher

But it goes back much farther even with the current efforts. Remember the “Religion of Peace”? That wasn’t exactly a lie. In the book, Milestones, which is the foundational document of the Muslim Brotherhood right after the Islamic war-manual, the Koran, it is stated that once the whole world is subjugated to Islamic law, it shall know peace. And therefore, Islam is the religion of peace.

Examples of these kinds of what seem to be childish linguistic tricks are actually quite common and are among the more powerful devices being used to destroy Western Socratic civilization.

But it seems that the problem goes back much farther.

Please watch this video, which claims to be a banned Ted Talk, on how science has been practiced for centuries. We might think after seeing it, that in a way, yes, Anthony Fauci IS INDEED science. Science as its actually done, not as it is intended to be done. Science as practiced, not in theory. When one watches this, and examine Fauci’s life through the lens of RFK Jr’s book, one gets the sense that Fauci is acutely aware of the principles in this video, and applies them to his work, which means to all of our lives. Some of them much shorter and much much worse as a result.

As an aside, presumably after this lecture was recorded, but before the date of upload, the James Web telescope has accumulated enough data to put the Big Bang theory into question.

[This post may be updated and corrected over the day as people point out aspects which do not present as intended.]



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  1. Dogma #1 – Nature is Mechanical… We are machines…
    Take the 10 Dogmas of science and turn them into questions.
    Who is the “YOU” behind the keyboard, the computer, behind this machine?

    Row, row, row your boat,
    Gently down the stream.
    Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
    Life is but a dream.

    • I was thinking of the story of the English Tit. Apparently, one bird learned to pluck off the top of a milk bottle from a milk truck or horse drawn carriage, and within a very short time, Tits hundreds of miles away and in other countries were following milk trucks like a small cloud of birds and often people were finding dead tits in bottles of milk left at their doors.

      This is the example I thought of when he mentioned that part of his thesis.

      For me, the bit that counted was the redefining of things to make the conclusion work.

  2. “Religion” of Peace?
    Question: Is Islam a “Religion of Peace”? It all depends on your definition of “Peace”
    Only Mozlems, Dhimwits, Liars, and the Delusional will claim Islam as the “Religion of Peace”.
    [True Peace is freely given… it is not forced. Islam is about force and submission!]
    Islam means SUBMISSION, it is Salaam that means PEACE!

    (1.) The First problem lies in the Mozlem’s definition of the word “Peace”…
    When a Moslem says “peace”, they are thinking of it in a totally different context than the way the average non-Mozlem person considers and views the word.

    “Submission to Allah is the only peace recognized in Islam. Anything else is worthy of justified retaliation. — When Muslims say ‘peace’, they mean non-Muslims should be subdued and humiliated to the extent that they have no strength to rebel. Peace, according to Islam, is therefore achieved through subjugation.” — Ali Sina

    (2.) Islam wants a one-world-Religion and they will get a one-world-Government at the same time! In Islam there is no “Separation of Mosque and State” they are one and the same! Whether the Government controls the religion, or the Religion controls the government… there is no difference! Islam is held together and is built on hatred, murder, and extreme coercive fear: anyone leaving Islam or not fully following the tenants of Islam is considered an apostate and should be killed… without these Islam would collapse.

    (3.) “Peace” in Muhammadanism means No more Fitnah in the world. (Disbelievers with the ability to struggle against Islam) It is written in the Koran (2:191-193) “Al-Fitnah [disbelief or unrest] is worse than killing…” (Your disbelief in Islam is worse than them killing you, in which they believe is somehow a ‘benefit’ for you!)
    According to Muhammadanism, “Peace” or ‘Dar al-Salam’ will only be obtained when there is a worldwide Ummah, when the entire world is suffering under the oppressive yoke of Islam, either as a ‘believer’ or as a non-believer-Dhimmi who pays the Jizyah tax (‘Protection Money’ of 30% to 50% or more annually) or as a slave.

    (4.) The Fourth problem lies in the fact that: Anyone of any other Muslim Sect is considered to be an apostate (not really ‘Muslim’). Islam has around 73 different sects remaining in existence, and all of the different sects hate and kill each other, and they all make war upon one another because: “They do not believe as we do”.
    Never in the world’s history of any other “religion” except Islam, has any OFFICIAL position and teachings of the ‘mission’ of its original founder, his writings, and the continuous practices… has been to “Kill all of those who do not believe as we do”.

    (5.) Therefore, the Fifth problem lies in the fact that, until there is ONLY ONE REMAINING SECT, and the entire world is under the oppression of Islam, the so-called “Peace of Islam” is impossible.
    Nevertheless, even then, there will be the constant “Honor Killings” and other oppressions against women, gays, dhimmis, and slaves. There will still be pedophilia, rape, torture, incest, stoning, beheading, domestic abuse, men seeking revenge for personal matters, such as a women’s refusal of marriage is often grounds for an acid attack against the woman and even her family, if a man is sufficiently ‘indignant’.

    FACT! There is no such thing as “Moderate” Islam! Islam is Islam, you can’t have Islam without the Koran, Sirah, and the Hadiths. It would not be Islam! Islam wants you either DEAD, ‘converted’, enslaved, or a ‘free slave’ as a Jizyah taxed dhimmi… they do not care which! That is what those evil books tell Muslims to do, and how to treat non-Muslims!
    They demand full control of EVERYTHING that you do, whether you are Muslim or not!

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