Propaganda media tries to get ahead of the cancer aspects of vaxx injection and more: Links and news post 1 for January 20th, 2023

1. John Campbell speaks with a legacy scientist on the creation and corruption of Evidence Based Medicine

2. The past few years have been a stunning set of government lies, typically referred to as Narratives since they are fabricated to support a larger matrix of pseudo-reality. But often they seem to fit into the Dalrymple principle of forcing the public to accept a humiliating and obvious lie to justify government horror against the individual and indeed, reality itself.

People who follow this site may be aware that some doctors such as Ryan Cole and others have come forward with claims that cancer rates are through the roof. The explanation is that as the mRNA shots shut down or corrupt people’s natural immune systems, they are no longer able to fight off the odd cancer cells that appear, and new cancers can form, cancers in remission can come back, and existing cancers can accelerate. Some doctors in the same orbit as myself, call this “turbo-cancer”.

Much like heart damage done by various sized blood clots from the vaxx, it was initially predicted, then discovered, then denied, then covered up by the media to the extent that at one point mainstream media was trying to say that exercise and sports are bad for children. ANYTHING to cover for the vaxx. Even to the extent of normalizing heart attacks among prepubescent girls. Something that just didn’t happen before 2021. The list is long and in part can be found here and there on this site as we documented some of the stupider ones.

CBC is fun to watch for these kinds of enemy-propaganda efforts. And todays:

CBC: Alcohol should have cancer warning labels, say doctors and researchers pushing to raise awareness of risk

Advocates of warning labels want Canadians to understand alcohol is one of top causes of preventable cancer

It’s not a secret, but it may as well be. Few Canadians know the truth, and few may want to hear it: Alcohol, any amount of alcohol, can cause cancer. There is no safe amount, and the calls to inform Canadians are growing.

“Even drinking one drink a day increases your risk of some cancers — including, if you’re a woman, breast cancer — but also cancers of the digestive system, the mouth, stomach,” said Tim Stockwell, a senior scientist with the Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research at the University of Victoria. 

“The risk increases with every drink you take.”

Alcohol has been classified as a Group 1 carcinogen (carcinogenic to humans) for decades by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. It’s right up there with tobacco and asbestos. Alcohol is also a  top cause of preventable cancer after smoking and obesity.

I believe it was Justin Trudeau’s social father, Pierre who advanced the concept that the best thing one could do for one’s health was two glasses of red wine a day. The science was solid behind it. But even if it was a con to get people to buy more product from France or something, why would that have changed now? This is to prevent people from recognizing that experimental gene-therapy shots can cause heart damage, auto-immune diseases and things like prion disease and also cancer. Blame it on something everyone has used to varying degrees for THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of years.The Old Testament advocates for consumption of wine to the right degree.

Which brings me back to Dalrymple:

3. Most of the Rebel Media videos from Davos are the people manipulating us all with various narratives, among which are using disease, vaccines and climate scares to name a few, refusing to answer any questions. So at one level they mean nothing. A detractor would say that the questions are hostile so why would they answer. On the other hand, Ezra has it exactly right that the MSM like MSNBC (MicroSoft NBC, a propaganda organ) are stenographers for crisis actors like Greta Thunberg. So if it’s fair for greta and all these other communists to use us and our institutions as props, then its fair for Rebel Media to use them as props to expose what they are in fact, actually doing.

4. CBC explains how important it is to bring back ISIS members to Canada from Syrian detention camps. Get ready for massive payouts and probably worse.

5. Member of the European Parliament Mislav Kolakusic speaks to the meeting this week at Davos

Thank you all for your kind attention to these thoughts and perspectives on the issues threatening us all and our liberties today.


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4 Replies to “Propaganda media tries to get ahead of the cancer aspects of vaxx injection and more: Links and news post 1 for January 20th, 2023”

  1. #2. My doctor told me years ago alcohol causes cancer. Once he brought that to my attention, it explained possibly why people I knew died of these throat, etc cancers. Seems correct to me. Gov kept booze flowing during “pandemic “, closed gyms.

    Leviticus 10:8-12 KJV

    And the LORD spake unto Aaron, saying,

    9Do not drink wine nor strong drink, thou, nor thy sons with thee, when ye go into the tabernacle of the congregation, lest ye die: it shall be a statute for ever throughout your generations:

    10And that ye may put difference between holy and unholy, and between unclean and clean;

    11And that ye may teach the children of Israel all the statutes which the LORD hath spoken unto them by the hand of Moses.

    • Ok but it’s still weird that cancer rates have gone through the roof since the mRNA gene therapy shots got sent out to everyone.

      • Absolutely, I agree.

        I agree also that CBC is using this to cover for the shots probably causing the increase in cancer too. Maybe we could say the gov hides the fact that alcohol causes cancer until they find a use for that truth to help them protect a lie.

  2. “Maybe we could say the gov hides the fact that alcohol causes cancer until they find a use for that truth to help them protect a lie.”

    I think you’re on to something there.

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