CTV anchor appears to have a stroke on live TV

CTV, CBC, and Global push the vaxx near constantly and to the best of my knowledge have never once had a person on to challenge the narrative of the safety or effectiveness of them. These networks are dealers of dangerous drugs. Vending machines for Pfizer. Hundreds of thousands of people took the vaxx or refused to push back against the mandates in no small part because of the blatant propaganda of these networks, and their utter refusal to broadcast anyone who had reasonable doubts about these untested gene-therapies.

How many people who got seriously injured and were in no danger from Covid, or even died from the shots, did so because of these networks very conscious, policy directed propaganda, pushing an untested injection and demeaning any counter-argument if they acknowledged them at all.

In fairness, they did acknowledge people who opposed the shots, but as a group and as the quality of their persons, while never examining their arguments or facts. What people should have come to know by now as the Alinsky rule version of Marxist Critical theory.

These networks are not sources of information. They are descendants of Leni Riefenstahl.

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7 Replies to “CTV anchor appears to have a stroke on live TV”

  1. I managed to email the link. Did I ever have a problem copying the Twitter link? It wouldn’t paste.

    And now, we know CTV Edmonton blocked White Wabbit Warrior.

  2. Persistent and cumulative.
    More vax. Mpox. Booster. Variant. Booster.
    Geometric growth, then Exponential.
    Now the fun begins in earnest.
    But if these vaxxholes turn into bug factories, I will be going George Romero on their asses.
    Self defense.

  3. I don’t pitty her AT ALL!! Everybody which took this poison jab where hostile towards people who didn’t and tried even to gaslight them. Blue is green discussions. This sort of people deserve all the things which will come to them. No mister nice guy anymore.

    • I’m with you. No pity. They are on their iPhones all day & all evening. The info was there for their liking but it was easier to whack us.

      I heard my neighbor force her son into a corner for a Christmas celebration. His desperate pleas because he wasn’t jabbed still resonate in my soul.

    • I stand corrected. No animosity in our hearts. Jesus Christ handles everything. Us, we live our lives in peace under his protection. END.

  4. She spent years propagandizing for the eugenicists, and now she can’t speak clearly at all. Good luck with learning how to talk again, Jessica. I wonder if this experience might prompt her to change her ways, or if she’ll double down on injections until it kills her.

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