James Lindsay: The Marxification of education

Like all Prof. James Lindsay’s lectures. this is profound and important. Anyone who has children in schools or recently changed their values while in schools should watch this. This video is a brilliant explanation of the methods and tactics of Marxists within the school system to destroy children’s whole belief set and value system, and make them activists for a permanent system of endless destruction.

Lindsay explains who Marx is not a philosopher, but is someone who simply created a system for transforming people into agents of destruction, of everything, eternally.

One could, if one wanted, score another point for the claim that communism is demonic. At the practical level, it is.


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  1. Well, this is quite amazing, thank you. He thoroughly articulates what I have witnessed my children go through. Luckily I intuitively countered much of what is described here to politicize, radicalize and then move to activism our kids. Note, too, his pointing out the “No Woke” Florida Bill passed with De Santis’s supposed support!

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