EU Parliament truth, Priests are the new doctors, JFK may have referenced CIA in this speech: Links 1, December 18th, 2022

1. Two minutes of Bitter truth from Polish MEP on how the European Parliament has damaged Europe and democracy thanks to the left, which has fully taken it over

2. Father Frank Pavone, cancelled (fired?) from the priesthood by the Vatican. As far as I can see, it is because he taught Catholic values.

Much like doctors having their licences pulled for practicing real medicine, or scientists being destroyed for doing real science.

I know nothing about this priest, but was sent this item by a practicing Catholic who’s values I do know, and who in the finest tradition of Catholicism, sacrifices critical aspects of life for the freedom and benefit of others. So I trust my source when I post this item. It does appear that if you are a genuine Catholic today and wish to preach the gospel as its written and understood for a very long time now, you have to do it like you would in a communist country. Use code. Use analogy when you may not mean the analogy but in fact are being literal. Like this man who is still a priest:

3. There has been lively debate on the Tucker Carlson reveal about CIA involvement in the murder by assassination of JFK. Some say President Kennedy spoke of the threat the CIA posed to America in this speech:

4. Nurse Dr. John Campbell PhD explains the recent study on car accidents and not taking the vaxx.

I have a simpler explanation though. One only has to try and remember, (and it can be difficult as the brain often doesn’t want to retain ludicrous pseudo-realities to justify policies) the grotesque amount of lies on every possible aspect of existence that was blamed on Global Warming as caused by mankind’s new original sin, the use of oil and coal. Unless China uses it or Saudi Arabia or Iran. Then it’s fine. While John Campbell does an excellent job of deconstructing the study and shows us how they came up with this narrative enforcing conclusion, it may be at least as useful to look at the overarching reason to create this pseudo-reality and look at that pattern, to better deal with the ones coming in the future to justify whatever West-destroying nonsense is next.

Dr. Campbell does do an excellent job of showing how the conclusion of this study is (deliberately) misleading and a proper reading of it and analysis brings you to nearly the opposite conclusion. For example that if you die of myocarditis while driving a car and have an accident, that doesn’t count in the study. Or anyone who has an accident within X number of weeks of the shot also doesn’t count as per the ludicrous condition that anyone who has not passed 2 weeks past the second shot is to be counted as unvaccinated. This means like Global Warming, Islam as a threat doctrine, and other lines of effort, we few who are reality prone, are always playing whack-a-mole. We are constantly having to do 20X or 100X the work as the person who makes up a deceptive headline. The only thing our former friends and family members will bother to remember, those narrative enforcing headlines. And few will have the patience to listen to the nature of the study and fewer still will be able to slog through the studies and find the errors. Those that do, will be called “conspiracy theorists”. So it may be easier overall, and more effective to see the pattern.

5. The Director of Parliamentary affairs at Health Canada during the pandemic DEAD at 35! He lead the team of Canada’s response to COVID. Why do they keep this silent?

(Generally dealers are taught never to use from your own stash)

This death got no press coverage. Do you have any idea why? There are so many people who helped promote the narrative who have “died suddenly” including Oracle VP Joel Kallman, the guy who created the v-Safe adverse event reporting system and at least one member of the team who voted to approve the EUA (maybe someone in comments can help me on that one…it was stunning but I can’t find the reference).

Thank you all, as always, for continuing to follow multiple threads on the issues shaping and mostly defining, and often shaping through defining the state of the world today.


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  1. Fr. Pavone became a monomaniac over the years and was FLAGRANTLY disobedient to his Bishop (actually, his second Bishop).

    We don’t have to dislike the current Pope to understand what went on here. And let’s not run the old “……but but but HIGHER CAUSE……….” line. That’s too close to “the end justifies the means” (mutatis mutandis).

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