A first person account of vaxx damage and systemic abuse and complicity from Saskatchewan Canada

Some people’s story deserve to be heard. And while listening, it might be good to consider what should happen to the people along the way who knowingly caused this chain of events. Starting with those who denied choice and or lied about the nature of these mRNA gene therapy products, and all who denied care, truthful diagnostics, and disallowed any escape from getting more of this horror sauce injected into an already seriously damaged couple of people.

People have been demanding a new round of Nuremberg trials since way before Covid. Genocide, as defined by the UN itself, being perpetrated against Western people by unchecked mass immigration into Western nations by people from radically different ethnic and cultural backgrounds with no effort to integrate them into the values, histories and legal codes of the West, is genocide. We now know this process to be dialectic negation of a culture through mass immigration.

(Our memory of the definition the last time we looked, included mass movement of people into an area for the purpose of diluting or destroying that group. That aspect appears to have been removed, if it was as we remember it. Several other elements appear to be in play in any case)

From the politicians, drug companies, DARPA and health care providers more concerned about mortgage payments than the health of their patients, we need a new round of consequential trials for anyone with mens rea, or knowledge of what they were doing.

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    • 2023 is going to be an interesting year. The vaxx death march can no longer be hidden. Amnesty is not on the table but Nuremberg is.

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