Enemy propaganda at fever pitch

Just two examples of the insultingly obvious degree to which enemy-propaganda is ready to lie to us to enforce a narrative, and make damn sure we know we are being lied to and can’t seem to do anything about it.

Let’s start with CBC News:

(Watch or don’t watch the news clip. Its funnier if you do. I love the part where he makes an analogy to explain to the peasants why you need to get a booster because “immunity wanes from the initial two shots”, being like “a smoke detector with old batteries.” But whatever you do, click through to YouTube to read the comments while they allow them to be up.)

Not that at this point we need to discuss the science or “my doctor Vs. your doctor”, but it feels wrong to allow this CBC propaganda above without responding with some science, lets say from Dr. Assem Malhotra, one of the very top cardiologists from the UK NHS. This is a segment from I think it was his December 1st appearance on Tucker Carlson Today:

Notice how he quotes his studies and stats and sources them. Let’s compare that to the expert the CBC uses from speed-dial, and who they used to try and reinstate the mask mandates at Public Schools:

After watching that, it may be a good time to contemplate the difference between a claim, and an argument. The entire presentation by Ray should be up and available soon. If memory serves, he never backs up his claims with a source or a fact. One may also ask oneself if we have ever seen even one study showing that masks do not block a virus or can cause harm to the wearer long term. If we have, it brings into question his stark claim.

Back to government/enemy propaganda:

Again, click through and read the responses. Below is a decent graphic though:

I guess inflation in Canada cannot really be that bad if just shy of two billion dollars can buy you this kind of obedience from nearly the entirety of the main stream media.

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3 Replies to “Enemy propaganda at fever pitch”

  1. Fringe minority Prime Minister, Justine wants majority of Canadians who did not vote for him and his gang of clowns, to believe the majority of Canadians supported himself, the head clown, to invoke the Emergency Act.

    Geeez if we keep this clown around much longer, I do declare, there will be no normal people left. Two plus two will soon add up to 666.

    I took a pool at the grocery store, asked 20 what they thought of Justine. MAJORITY of people had trouble not using swear words telling me what they thought of the clown prince.

    One thing that was loud and clear in my poll, there are a lot of people with vaccine injured loved ones. Justine it seems is not as loved as he tells Canadians.

    CALL an election, let the people show you what they think of you and Jagmeet Singh. Even Nick Nanos, CBC, CTV, Global, The Tranna Star, Globe and Mail, will not be able to fix this one.

    • Doesn’t matter if they love him or not.

      It only matters that they think that enough others love him that they don’t revolt.

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