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3 Replies to “LIVESTREAM Ontario College tribunal hearing 9:00 AM ET Nov 23 2022”

  1. Having watched the hearing and observing the CPSO members , the first impression they presented was indifference, in that they were only there as a formality.

    I believe it was a mistake to rely heavily on the Charter as it has been proven to be essentially useless as the government interprets it as needed.

    Everyone in the “room” knows what it is really all about but no one mentioned it and used the Charter as the dance. I only heard one reference to the mRNA efficacy by the defense. The government lawyer’s job was to officially refute all the evidence presented by the accused lawyer.

    It reminded me of one of the Star Trek episodes where Q conducts a kangaroo trial against humanity , the only different appears to be the hearing was civil , but the conclusion is determined.

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