Wokeness and excess deaths in Australia continue to grow: Links 1, November 23, 2022

1. In case you thought Twitter being a far left propaganda organ was just a conspiracy theory…

2. Speaking of woke, rumour has it there is an app to help you find businesses that do not support castrating or otherwise sexually mutilating your children. Haven’t checked it out yet, but at least it is a place to start.

Also, its probably a good idea that when someone says, ‘woke’ they be corrected and told, “you mean communist.”

3. Here is another stellar example of CNN as enemy propaganda. They do admit to the overt truths of the gay bar shooter, but then deliberately use He him pronouns despite his own insistence on they them. Something CNN would normally call a hate crime.

4. The Convoy lawyer at the Sisyphus hearings over Trudeau’s invocation of the Emergency Measures Act. was removed from the proceedings. Here is the exchange that preceded that.

UPDATE: Interview with lawyer on how unfair the process is:

5. Excess deaths continue to trouble: “Great excess of deaths in Australia”. No explanation given.

Thank you all for your continued interest in these matters. Many of us have lost a lot, and some everything no matter what side of these issues we are on.

One hopes that this means more and more will fight back.

The real issue of course, is what constitutes fighting back? How? That is a very difficult answer. More on that later.


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