UK Parliament debates vaxx dangers and mandates, Dr learns to speak commie-dissident like an adept

A few things about this video that make it interesting.

The first is that there appears to be discussion in the UK legislature about the mRNA shots without it being an advert for Pfizer. In fact they discuss dangers quite bluntly for politicians.

The second is that one has to wonder if this isn’t just arse covering, given that no one wants these things anymore and politicians can smell the contempt in the air from millions who didn’t want it but were forced, and millions more that now know they were tricked into taking them or will know bloody soon.

The third is my favorite. This now, well known British doctor, that as he himself has awakened to the real nature of these shots, has at the same time learned to speak like someone in a communist country, contradicting the humiliating and neutering official narrative, with actual truth. A few videos ago, he tried to explain in code of sorts, that YouTube would ban him if he spoke plainly, so he had to find ways of telling the scientific truths he now knows.

But in THIS video, he develops tactics one layer deeper. Whenever he wants to say, “I can’t say that so listen to these MPs say it”, he says:

It’s a good idea to listen to them because I didn’t know these things and also, they say many things that I can’t (long pause) remember.

He uses that device the same way enough times that its clear he means he cannot say them for fear of the censors. Probably more than just YouTube. Probably medical boards and media orgs and leftist thugs for that matter.



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4 Replies to “UK Parliament debates vaxx dangers and mandates, Dr learns to speak commie-dissident like an adept”

  1. Dr Campbell is not a doctor, he’s a nurse with a PhD. I’m not being derogatory in any way and his videos have been educational.

  2. Refreshing to hear serious, sincere discussions on the subject after two years of propaganda. Now if only Canadian politicos can grow up and do the same. And without this frank discussion taking place the good doctor would not have been inspired to find ways to communicate. Never give up.

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