The tactics and ambitions of the leftist cabal begin to fall into better focus: Links 1, November 1, 2022

1. The state of freedom of speech, and even freedom of language in New Zealand

(Remember Operation Lockstep from the 2010 Rockefeller Foundation report? Canada has a similar thing in the Senate right now)

2. Mark Steyn has a look at the pending CBDC about to be used to enslave humanity

Steyn on Schwabb

‘Mark Steyn This year’s lockdown will have coppers bursting in to check you’re not going at it (Starts at 30 seconds)

(The part worth seeing is when Botswana refuses to play along with the WHO demanding more transparency and recognition of national sovereignty by that Marxist Org.)

3. Chris Barber, one of the FreedomConvoy organizers, gives testimony at the Emergency Use Act hearings

4. Pentagon Confirms US Boots Are On The Ground In Ukraine

(I get the idea of getting ISIS muslims into Ukraine to fight against Chechen Jihadis or Afghan jihadis etc. Don’t remember which muslim jihadis are fighting for which sides at the moment. Makes sense to get your enemies to kill each other fighting more or less for something in your interests. But why US boots on the ground in Ukraine? Does Biden and the Democrats own a lot of factories near the border of some kind?)

Two bombshell reports by the Associated Press and Washington Post Monday and Tuesday have confirmed that the United States has boots on the ground in the Ukraine conflict. Crucially, these troops are performing tasks separate from mere embassy security. 

The American troops are said to be performing “inspections” of US weapon caches after last week the State Department and Pentagon unveiled a new plan to track US-supplied weapons in efforts to implement accountability for the billions of dollars worth of arms and ammunition transferred to Ukrainian forces since near the start of the war eight months ago.

A small number of U.S. military forces inside Ukraine have recently begun doing onsite inspections to ensure that Ukrainian troops are properly accounting for the Western-provided weapons they receive, a senior U.S. defense official told Pentagon reporters Monday,” the AP/WaPo reporting revealed.

5. It appears that there is a trucker protest in Brazil by people who have deep suspicions about the outcome of the election, where a criminal leftist was elected over a popular brazilian patriot who accomplished a lot for the people there. Many videos in the Reader’s Links post for today, and some have been sent out for translation. So hopefully we know more soon.

The Guardian -Brazil judge orders police to clear roadblocks by pro-Bolsonaro truckers

Far-right president remains silent as supporters protest against his election defeat by Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

Brazilian police have begun breaking up hundreds of demonstrations by far-right supporters of Jair Bolsonaro, freeing up highways and roads that were blocked across the country in protest at the president’s defeat in a landmark general election.

Bolsonaro lost a tightly fought ballot to Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva but has yet to concede defeat or make any statements about the loss or transition.

His supporters, however, cried fraud despite zero evidence of any wrongdoing, and burned tyres and parked vehicles on motorways on Monday, leading to chaos.

Brazil’s supreme court ruled early on Tuesday morning that the federal highway police (PRF) must “immediately take all measures” to clear “illicitly obstructed roads”.

Owners of lorries being used as barricades would be fined 100,000 reais (£17,000) for every hour they remained part of the blockade, the court said. It also told the head of the corporation that he faced the same fine, and ultimately prison, if orders were not followed.

Thank you everyone for your support of alternative views to the spoon fed ones.

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6 Replies to “The tactics and ambitions of the leftist cabal begin to fall into better focus: Links 1, November 1, 2022”

  1. 4/ The weapons we’re sending are so fancy they require *lengthy* training. Specialized teams. (Forget about repair and spare parts.)
    They may not work anyway, or just long enough so our defense contractors won’t be too embarrassed.

    Ukraine is a more advanced testing ground than Libya was. Sorta Spanish Civil War/Ethiopia as preludes to WW-2.

    • This was all over Russian media today:

      A hacker from the DPR [Donetsk Peoples’ Republic] “Joker” hacked the American command and control program DELTA, which is actively used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This was announced on November 1 by the head of the press service of the DPR Daniil Bezsonov.

      “To be clear, this is a program in which, for command and control, all data on friendly and enemy troops is entered, which are regularly updated with the receipt of intelligence.

      Very comfortably. The fact that our special services got access to it suggests that we now know everything about the enemy and we know everything that the enemy knows about our forces and means and their deployment, ”Bezsonov said.
      “US Delta command and control was hacked”

      The Joker DPR hacked into the much-vaunted American Delta command and control program, which is actively used by the AFU… [+video-4-trolls+]

    • Intro to another video: The Joker hacked into the much-vaunted American Delta command and control program, which is actively used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. To make it clear, this is a program in which all data on friendly and enemy troops is entered for command and control, which are regularly updated with the receipt of intelligence.

      A very handy piece. The fact that our special services gained access to it indicates that we now know everything about the enemy and know everything that the enemy knows about our forces and means and their deployment.
      AZgeopolitics 03:54

      “They started writing to me that somehow there are few objects and all the opposing sides are not visible. Then here’s another one for you, for clarity. I wonder if the American command will guess that trouble can also happen to their DELTA thanks to Ukrainian clowns”

  2. – I just did a web search for ‘Underwear Hammer Fight Club’. Lo and behold, it exists. And it fits the story.-

    ** Underwear Hammer Fight Club **

    “When I was living under that bridge in Los Angeles, Japanese businessman, Hollywood elite and politicians from San Francisco would drive down in their limos to pick up guys. They would fuel them up with liquor and drugs and then take them back to their mansions for wild all night Underwear Hammer Fighting parties. I never did partake in that nonsense but Flea did on quite a few occasions.”

    The Underwear Hammer Fight Club night is open to anyone. Just show up on Friday night at the UFC’s APEX Center in Las Vegas. Bring your own hammer or one will be supplied. You can watch live on ESPN+ streaming service. You can pay $99.99 for a monthly subscription to ESPN+ or buy an annual subscription for $999.99.”

  3. Ukraine Presses West for Billions in Economic, Military Aid After Russian Attacks on Infrastructure
    Zelensky says Ukraine has urgent need to rebuild housing, schools and power plants

    {snips between the lines…}
    Europe has seen little ebbing of political support for Ukraine - prove it! - despite rising protests across the bloc over living costs and high inflation, but its assistance has consistently lagged behind the U.S.
    European officials are also concerned about corruption and inefficiencies in the Ukrainian economy that could potentially lessen the impact of foreign aid.

    “The EU is looking at this at scale,” a European diplomat said of the request for budget support to Kyiv. “However, there’s an underlying question about how much to tackle or get the Ukrainians to tackle the structural reforms that have long been needed in the Ukrainian economy and the extent to which that can be done when you’ve got a war economy.”
    “President Zelensky actually made a real point about the economic situation, and the need for DIRECT economic aid…. That money would go to pay salaries of soldiers and keep the government afloat.”

    He wants CASH, DEMANDS it.
    He’s blackmailing European countries. He’s threatening to swamp them with refugees. He’ll “evacuate” the entire civilian population of Kiev, other major cities.

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