Cross of Matamoros for Christmas?

If anyone is thinking of getting a Cross of Matamoros as a gift or for themselves for Christmas, now or soon would be a good time to order them in order to get them on time.

Below is the Alex Jones clip where he discusses them, their history and significance. To order, please use the PayPal thingy on the right. (Yes I know about PayPal. For the moment, it is all we have). We have made a very limited quantity of them this year. But we can fill all orders likely to come, that we can ship in time for Christmas. If we cannot, we will email you and ask if you want a refund or wait till we get more made.

The Cross is 1.5 inches high and 3/4 inches wide.

This will be a sticky post for a little while. So all actual content will be below this post.

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10 Replies to “Cross of Matamoros for Christmas?”

  1. It’s very elegant, in keeping with the ethics of this site, a message you can send out as discreet or as open as you wish AND it does help vladtepesblog. I just loooorve mine.

  2. I bought this cross last year and I absolutely love it. The detail is excellent. I would recommend this cross to anyone in the market for one.

  3. Hi
    I ordered a cross on the 21/11/22 the monies have gone from the bank but no e mail to show my order confirmation, is this the norm for the order system or is it a no show.
    please could you let me know ian

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