Trucker’s Rally and protest, Saturday in Toronto

Anyone in or near the Toronto area, or willing to drive there for the weekend may be interested in joining what I am told will be a large scale trucker protest at 2:00 at Nathan Phillips Square. Several of the doctors who have been trying to warn us about the dangers of various covid measures will be there. I have it on some authority that this winter may see a serious health problem because of the lowered immune capabilities of those who have had several injections of the mRNA. There is a solution. More on that soon! Please try and attend the demo if you can.

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  1. Yesterday a guest with the Radio man described the Ontario hospital system as an absolute disaster. Gone unsaid was all the nurses fired for refusing injections. What will happen when the ADE wave hits, emergency wards in small towns are already closing, and wait times are in the days? The guest said he hoped the field hospitals were still available.

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