Trudeau and Ontario’s puffy health freak, Ford, warns us all to take vaccines or else

What a shame the Dominion voting machines used in the last Ontario election and the current Ottawa municipal ones are not open source. So no way to check to make sure the count was honest. Maybe it was. But there is no way to know as the code is not open source. One can’t help but notice wherever these machines are used though, things move hard and fast to authoritarian leaders. Usually of the leftist persuasion. But authoritarian and destroyers of democracy and individualism overall.

Trudeau’s statement today shows that no amount of fact, science or reality will stop him from whatever the actual goal is, in terms of injections. And Ford has merrily accepted his role as a viceroy to Trudeau’s hegemony.


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6 Replies to “Trudeau and Ontario’s puffy health freak, Ford, warns us all to take vaccines or else”

  1. I think we are all going to be flooded with jab and flu reminders on a non-stop basis as what occurred last year. More panic and terror as we go back to square one.

  2. Too many Canadians are cowards that can see no farther than what is programmed for them on the brainwashing media !! It is plain to those that will look beyond their government and their lapdog media that this whole Covid thing is far bigger than a fake pandemic !! I know way way too much. Sometimes I wish I was just as brainwashed and living in a bubble like so many around me. Ignorance is bliss….. NOT !! I would die fighting on this hill !!

  3. I’m listening to a British music station and the government’s message is this will be the worst flu season in its nation’s history.

    Would this be a case of the multi-jabbed people with a lower immune system? I think, yes.

  4. Flu Shots?
    They were developed AFTER the Flu Season is over, to “prevent” the PAST Seasons’ version of the Flu!
    The disease has further mutated by the time the current year’s ‘Flu Season’ comes along! But this year’s flu shots are all ready to be distributed by the time the newest version of ‘Flu’ makes its debut!
    Barely effective, if at all! It was revealed on Sacramento, California’s Channel 3 KCRA News that the 2016 “Flu Shots” were just 50% effective, and the 2017 flu shots were only TEN PERCENT effective!
    This TV station runs programming from the NBC Network.

    How effective the 2022 flu shot is likely won’t be known until later in the season once it’s had time to do its thing. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study in 2019 found that the vaccine that year was only 39% effective for all age groups, and just 42% effective for people over age 50.

    Need another reason? “Flu Shots” contain Thimerosal, which is Mercury!

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