Several examples of the cultures of the world being forced to the left: Links 2, October 18th, 2022

1. Dr. Paul Alexander, who has a mighty prolific substack, send out a thing about WEF 2IC, Harari. Its a clip we have all seen before, but this time it reminded me of a 20th century influencer who had pretty much the same ideas. So I thought I would put them back to back in this video.

2. Canadian intelligence reported ‘no concerns’ about Freedom Convoy on day Trudeau invoked Emergencies Act

Internal government reports indicated the Freedom Convoy was ‘peaceful and cooperative with police’ while Prime Minister Trudeau publicly claimed the protests were ‘illegal and dangerous,’ saying they could not be allowed ‘to continue.’

OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) – Documents show that the Canadian federal government received regular updates indicating the Freedom Convoy protests in Ottawa were non-violent in nature, despite the Trudeau administration’s claims otherwise.

According to Blacklock’s Reporter, Internal Department of Public Safety reports show that on the same day Prime Minister Justin Trudeau enacted the Emergencies Act (EA) to clear out the protesters, a report stated the protests were peaceful.

“No concerns at this time,” noted a February 14 report from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

3. Interesting drone footage of the damage to the Nordstream II.

4. Here is faux conservative, Doug Ford pretending he opposes disrupting the lives of people in Ottawa, after he imposed measures that disrupted the lives of everyone in Ontario for over a year.


5. CNN hides what it’s own guests say to force the vaxx on everyone.

Thank you all for your continued support in all and many ways.

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5 Replies to “Several examples of the cultures of the world being forced to the left: Links 2, October 18th, 2022”

  1. So now we accept it if a doctor says ‘There will be no clinical trials, obviously, before the launch.” Or words to that effect. How is it obvious? Now we should just accept any drug without proof of its efficacy or side-effects

  2. Listening to Hariri makes me feel physically sick, i think I managed 3 sentences. I can’t believe this person, a Jew( I am Jewish) can say these things only 80 years after people with views like him, tried to murder every Jew in existence. Not only Jews but homosexuals like him and his boyfriend. He is pure evil. He seems to think that as advisor to Klaus, whose own father left Switzerland to work for the Nazis, he is worthy of saving while others, whom he knows nothing about and will never know, deserve to be murdered, have their children murdered – (maybe by some vaxcx or deliberate starvation or war). My head is spinning.

  3. 1/ What makes me laugh, when both Shaw and Hariri speak in their off-handed way of eliminating “useless people,” is the tacit assumption that they themselves are not in that category.

    Arrogant catamites.

  4. ITEM 5: Google, the most unreliable search engine. And why would CNN delete that particular episode? Truth hurts.

    ‘Redacted’ is a great YouTube channel. I saw its popularity grow. They have a new episode coming up in a few minutes titled “It’s Official. It’s ALL a Lie”.

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