States build walls independently, Canada paid off by China, GW remains BS and more: Links 1, August 14, 2022

1. Arizona now building border-wall without concerning itself with the Biden admin or its opinions on the matter.

2. Former CSIS honcho says Canadian politicians are on foreign agents’ payroll

A former espionage officer claims that some Canadian politicians are on the payroll of foreign agents.

According to Blacklock’s Reporter, Michel Juneau-Katsuya, former chief of the Asia-Pacific desk at the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), told the Commons ethics committee, “There are elected officials at all levels whether it’s municipal, provincial or federal who are being paid by foreign governments and who are not necessarily acting in the interests of Canada.”

Juneau-Katsuya also said the problem was ongoing.

“Foreign agents try to recruit elected officials. It’s fairly easy because elected officials don’t necessarily listen to security guidelines to protect themselves.”

This article is from 3 days ago. But this seems like a good time to post this video from when CBC was a news org. So a long long time ago. Over 11 years ago in fact.

3. Another scientist breaks ranks on “climate change”

4. Western Wall: Several injured in Jerusalem shooting

(We have not kept up with the news in terms of attacks on Israel recently. Fortunately there is a lot in the Reader’s Links posts over the past weeks. For the moment, suffice it to say that the weather in Israel is large chunks of exploding metal falling from the sky, and has been for weeks.)

At least eight people have been injured after a gunman opened fire on a bus near the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City, Israeli officials say.

The suspect opened fire as the pilgrims were returning from prayers at the holy site. Two people, including a pregnant woman, are in a critical condition.

The gunman fled but is now said to have turned himself in.

The Western Wall is one of the holiest sites in Judaism. Thousands travel to pray there every year.

Israeli emergency services said the gunman targeted a bus near King David’s Tomb and a car park near the Western Wall.

The driver, Daniel Kanievsky, told local media his bus was full at the time of the shooting.

“We opened the ramp for someone on a wheelchair, and then the shooting started. Everyone got down on the floor, screaming. I tried to escape, but the bus couldn’t drive with the ramp open,” he said. […]

The gunman is said to be a Palestinian resident of East Jerusalem.

(As is the new normal, the attempt by the media is make it geopolitical as opposed to Islamicly motivated. As they are doing with the stabber of Salmon Rushdie.)

5. Arizona parents arrested trying to get in locked-down school

PHOENIX (AP) — Police arrested three Arizona parents, shocking two of them with stun guns, as they tried to force their way into a school that police locked down Friday after an armed man was seen trying to get on campus, authorities said.

The parents were arrested as they tried to get to their children to protect them, authorities said. Officers in the Phoenix suburb of El Mirage used a Taser to stop two of them as they tried to help a man whose own handgun fell to the ground while he was being taken into custody, authorities said.

The scene at Thompson Ranch Elementary School developed nearly three months after hundreds of law enforcement officers in the small Texas city of Uvalde failed to act for more than an hour as a gunman killed two teachers and 19 students.

No shots were fired at Thompson Ranch, the school wasn’t breached and no one was hurt, other than a woman taken to a hospital with Taser injuries from officers who say they were trying to stop her from attacking them.

(So the police at this point, are tasked to stop people who decide to actually try and stop major crimes. Ok then.)

Thank you all for your kind attention to these critical issues, and your thoughts and ideas concerning what they may mean and opinions on how this site presents them.

Neil Oliver on the pain of waking up

When YouTube makes you take a video down, you know you are over the target. Here is the video below that is missing above:

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