Twitter, truth, and 1984

Regulars to this site know I frequently post the following scene from 1984. It is posted often because there is a critical piece of important but very difficult to understand information in it.

Communism, like Islam, is a different system of thought to the more or less Greek system we use in classical civ. Civilized thought uses reason driven conclusions. Communism and Islam, and for that matter any totalitarian system of governance, uses conclusion driven reasoning. Or put another way, Western or Greek thought is fact based conclusions while Islamic and communist polities begin with predetermined truths, and all reasoning must support those prefab conclusions or truths or the reasoner is guilty of a crime. Hate-speech is the most modern of the confabulations for what was better known as blasphemy or heresy or crimes against the party.

In the west, we start with the position that we don’t know, or what we do know is a place holder till a conclusion which fits the facts better is discovered. Then we use that. We have trials where there is a presumption of innocence and actual evidence and reasoning is used to determine guilt before we deprive a person of their liberties. In Islamic and communist systems it is the truth itself that is a crime as it is a threat to the power of the state.

Goebbels said it pretty well actually:

Here is the tweet that got my account suspended for a week:

They pretended to offer an appeals process but that just let me write a tweet which vanished as soon as I hit the button. Anticipating this, I screen grabbed it before I hit “tweet”:

Here are the claims that got me suspended:

1. A million doses of Hydroxychloroquine was donated by APO to the Ottawa Hospital complex. I did not say what the results of its use were. Here is one substantiating link and its not even the same ones I posted to this site around the same time.

2. My second claim was that the Canadian province of New Brunswick treated Covid patients with HCQ and had ZERO deaths until a certain doctor broke quarantine rules and went to Quebec, caught the legacy strain of Covid and brought it back with him and passed it on to some of his elderly and comorbidity patients.

The article I was quoting was from Covexit and published, April 2, 2020. Predictably, the site has been taken down. Which is why I try and back up and save any webpage that runs against the narrative. Here is a screen grab of the first part of the article.

3. My third claim was that they had zero Covid deaths till a doctor went and got it and spread it.

So there you have it. Twitter has banned me for a week for failing, not just to say 2+2=5, but to really believe it because the party says it is 5. I have proof for all that I say, not that I should need it. Most of Twitter is pure BS and opinion. Most of it uninformed or under-informed but people chit chat about their thoughts and feelings about things if they are normal people, or engage in dialectic attacks which are calculated insults and disinformation if they are leftists.

Its pleasant to have a clear understanding of what Twitter is in a way. It is not at all frustrating when they behave in a predictable manner which confirms one’s suspicions of the basis upon which they operate. Twitter is nothing if not consistent.

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