“Died suddenly”, The FBI are a kind of MAFIA and more: Links 1, June 8th, 2022

1. Healthy young people are dying suddenly and unexpectedly from a mysterious syndrome – as doctors seek answers through a new national register

People aged under 40 are being urged to have their hearts checked because they may potentially be at risk of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. 

The syndrome, known as SADS, has been fatal for all kinds of people regardless of whether they maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle.

SADS is an ‘umbrella term to describe unexpected deaths in young people’, said The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, most commonly occurring in people under 40 years of age.

The term is used when a post-mortem cannot find an obvious cause of death.

The US-based SADS Foundation has said that over half of the 4,000 annual SADS deaths of children, teens or young adults have one of the top two warning signs present.

Those signs include a family history of a SADS diagnosis or sudden unexplained death of a family member, and fainting or seizure during exercise, or when excited or startled, reported news.com.au.

Last year a 31-year-old woman, Catherine Keane, died in her sleep while living with two friends in Dublin.

(This article is a brilliant indicator of how Kafkaesque our civilization has become. Young people are dropping dead of myocarditis, a predictible effect of experimental gene therapy forced on the public, and this article avoids mentioning it like it never happened. I’m not sure what justifies pitchforks and torches, but if this doesn’t then just building a zombie in a German lab sure as hell wouldn’t.)


2. Somehow this isn’t hate speech. If a Canadian or American were to do a contest like this about any other group (possible exception of Russia at the moment) they would be doing a stretch in jail before there was even a trial. Hate speech laws include national origin.

3. So to be perfectly clear, many electric cars actually run on coal. Except if you were to make a coal burning engine like a diesel engine, it would be FAR more efficient than turning the coal into electricity via steam turbine, sending the power through hundreds or thousands of miles of wire, (line loss has to be many percent) and then spending hours charing very inefficient batteries. The old diesel engines that ran directly on coal would have to be more efficient, meaning less polluting than this overall.

4. Al-Qeada threatens attacks in India for blasphemy

Al-Qaeda warns of suicide bombings over ‘insult to Prophet’

“The saffron terrorists should now await their end in Delhi, Bombay, UP and Gujarat. They should find refuge neither in their homes nor in their fortified army cantonments,” the letter states.

Central intelligence agencies are on alert after the Al-Qaeda in Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) issued a letter warning of suicide bombings in Indian cities and states to avenge the insult to the Prophet. In a threat letter dated June 6, the AQIS said it would launch suicide attacks in Delhi, Mumbai, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat to “fight for the honour of the Prophet”. All the states have been informed by the intelligence agencies about the threat and they have been asked to be on high alert.

“A few days ago, the propagators and flag bearers of Hindutva – a system and philosophy hostile to the religion and Shariah of Allah – insulted and slandered the purest of beings, the most honourable after God himself, Muhammad al Mustafa, Ahmad al Mujtaba, and his noble and pure wife, the mother of the believers, Sayyidah Ayesha bint Abu Bakr as Siddeeq in the most vile and evil manner on an Indian TV channel. In response to this affront, the hearts of Muslim all over the world are bleeding and are filled with feelings of revenge and retribution,” the letter says.

5. BREAKING, The FBI Maintains a Workspace, Including Computer Portal, Inside the Law Firm of Perkins Coie – The Ramifications are Significant

(The USA appears to be in steep decline in terms of the basics of a free and democratic nation)

There is very little that surprises me, but this is completely stunning.  An FBI whistleblower came forth to inform Rep Jim Jordan and Rep Matt Gaetz that the FBI maintains a workspace inside the law firm of Perkins Coie.  {Direct Rumble Link}

In response to a letter sent by Rep. Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordan, Perkins Coie, the legal arm of the DNC and Hillary Clinton, admitted they have been operating an FBI workspace in their Washington D.C. office since 2012.  Pay attention to that date, it matters.  WATCH:

Thank you all for your kind attention and support.


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  1. 5: The United States is in the opening stages of a very bloody Civil War, it won’t be a large unit war like the last war. The violence will probably start when the Supreme Court decisions on abortion and gun control are released. The violence will continue until the leftist leaders decide they can’t shoot/terrorize their way into power.

  2. 4: Pay close attention to this threat China is getting ready to start the war that they plan to use to take over The First Island Chain. Martin posted an article about China working to force Japan to fire the first shots I the war.

    Japan and India are the nations closest to China that have enough military power to be a threat to this plan. China wants to keep India busy with a large number of terror attacks while they reduce the military power of Japan. China thinks they can do this before Australia can move a significant number of forces to the war zone.

    Look at the timing of actions around the world for more examples of what is happening to prevent other nations from sending aid to the nations China is threatening.

  3. 2020:
    The secretive consulting firm that’s become Biden’s Cabinet in waiting

    WestExec Advisors, which now looks like a government-in-waiting for the next administration, was founded in 2017.

    Biden Administration China ties reveal a deeper disturbing truth

    Name names:
    WestExec Advisors

    WestExec Advisors is a well-connected revolving door strategic consulting company, where former government executives can cash in and be rewarded for on their former job, “bringing the Situation Room to the Board Room”.

    It is particularly well connected to the military-industrial complex. Several of its members are on the boards of weapons manufacturers, and it offers “unmatched networks in defense, foreign policy, intelligence, economics, cybersecurity, data privacy, and strategic communications.

    The members of the group often appears in the corporate press, peddling political lines that seems to be fully alligned with their clients interests.

    Several of its members are likely candidates for high-level jobs in future administrations.


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